Awesome NEW Emulator Updates | Cemu, RPCS3, Ryujinx & Yuzu

Let’s take a look at some of the Latest Major changes to Cemu, RPCS3, Ryujinx and Yuzu Emulators, that have been released in the past month

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Yuzu Texture Cache Update:






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  1. hi, have question about cemu and donkey kong tropcial freeze: shaking the real wiimote won't work for DK:TF but works fine in other games (New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario 3D World) so is there any solution for that? sadlly coudn't find any :/

  2. I haven't tried the other emulators yet, but the guys that work on Cemu are doing a truly incredible job!

  3. after i updatet cemu and also the graphics pack i get like a slow motion gameplay in BOTW(i mean really slooooow…like 10% of the orginal gamespeed) although the fps is like 80-90(in 4k resolution). When i set a fps-limit to 60 the gamespeed is normal. Is this supposed to be that way? cant remeber it being like that on the older version.

  4. Please check out the Xemu (Xbox) emulator, recently it has had notable and playable updates

  5. I tried age of calamity on yuzu and ryujinx… for yuzu the starting cutscene is basically perfect but as soon as the first fight starts the screen goes black.. and ryujinx the cutscenes are slow and the gameplay is still broken..(for me anyways lol)

  6. I wish someone would somehow get Midnight Club LA optimized. I really want to enjoy a higher quality version of a game I played in my childhood.

  7. Do you know how I can fix the water glitch on botw? There are random spots with tall pillars of invisible water, and when I walk into them, the game flings me to the sky. My horse keeps dying to it. It doesn't occur when I use OpenGL, but my gtx 960 is performing better with vulkan.

  8. I'd like to know if I could help out, I own a very powerful gaming rig and many games I play on the PS3 are still not compatible with the RPCS3 emulator. Still I'm pleased with what I've seen so far, just wish I could help out with getting some of my favourite PS3 games working on the RPCS3 emulator..

  9. Yuzu made a huge progress and might provide a macOS version again. It might be able to run natively because it and m1 Mac are both based on arm.

  10. Would you (or anyone reading this) by chance know how to increase the mouse sensitivity? Mine is way to low and unplayable (I'm trying to play Breath of the Wild). I'm using "vJoy" and "mouse2joystick". I've already tried changing the numbers in the "mouse2joystick" settings, for sensitivity, non-linear sensitivity, deadzone and mouse delta, with no avail. I also increased the camera speed in-game to fast. Nothing worked for me. Could you or someone please help me? ??

  11. Good video man! Your video's are really handy, because every video I watch of you, I atleast can change 1 setting that gives me better performance!

  12. Game patches for persona 5 doesn't work for me I don't know what I did wrong I activated the patch form the emulator gamepatch section and it's not working

  13. Wait so you can play multiplayer on Switch only with Ryujinx right and you need to be local to the people or do you need to use a code together so you can't actually play with Nintendo switch people?

  14. I was researching getting my 9-year-old son a Play Station 5. The research led me to the decision to build a Ryzen 5 gaming PC for running emulators.

  15. Resolution scaling in RPCS3 is also fixed in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure! On older versions of RPCS3, when you upscale from 720p to 1080p, you get red and black colors. In the latest update, the colors have been fixed!

  16. Very sad to see RPCS 3 uses patches removing features and rendering quality options from games to improve them, rather than fixing the actual rendering issues to make it work better.

  17. Anyone having problems with botw and how the grass's shadow looks? I haven't played in a while but i swore it didn't have that problem back in 1.18

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