Windows 11 build 22000.100: Chat from Microsoft Teams, visual changes, more

Windows 11 build 22000.100 review with the new features and changes, including Chat from Microsoft Edge, new visual changes, improvements to the taskbar, and more. More info ➤
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Table of contents:
00:00 Intro
00:16 Chat from Microsoft Teams
02:13 Taskbar changes
03:56 Closing

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  1. Can I mke my old nokia lumia 630 phone into some desktop computer for children's? Those are cheaply available online and also good tool for learning for childrens. May be install raspberry Pi os or any linux distro?

  2. Would it be safe to install it on my only fairly new windows 10 tower ? And when the official final version is realeased would I be able to install that or completely reset my pc

  3. Microsoft Office is also getting a design refresh! A video on that would be pretty cool

  4. Anyone know when they are bringing in android apps? For a product that is supposedly releasing later this year it's missing a lot of stuff still

  5. I got the update today…my windows hello stopped working after the update…when i try to turn it back on a note pops up saying it is unavaiable….i wonder if anyone else is having this problem

  6. Why use 1 when you can have 4 of the same browser and couple extra more don't make your browsers feel alone

  7. The red backlight is buggy a bit especially with windows explorer but it is a nice touch overall

  8. excuse me i want to ask u. how show setting for type extensions in file explorer. i hope u know what i mean?

  9. I feel like left side of taskbar is so empty and there should be something in it, does anyone know any app or trick to use that area? For example put power button there

  10. Mine when i update to this build, chat for microsoft teams removed from my task bar. taskbar flyout still sharp edge, not rounded. I dont know why

  11. I like the teams.. I use it just as I use zoom.. I like it ?

    I see the padding for settings icons and more alignment have been addressed.. Good ??

  12. Hmmm. Still no love for the Device Manager. I'm starting to think Device Manager and the Computer Management Console will never be visually refreshed.

  13. I have upgraded to the latest version of windows 11 and still can't get new microsoft teams chat in taskbar

  14. after this update ive got a bug in "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device" its REALLY weird, but i cant quite explain it


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