Why SpaceX Needs Starlink

In 2019, with around 75 billion visits a month, Google was the most popular website in the world. Perhaps more impressive, is that combining the next three–YouTube, Facebook, and Baidu–would only bring you to around 60 billion.

What’s less talked about, though, is the magic that makes the internet easy to express our thoughts (Twitter), share family photos (Facebook), and for you to like this video.

For most people, the internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Those important things in life like work, staying connected with friends, and subscribing to Compounded Daily, are all enhanced through the use of the internet.

And yet while 94% of America has access, most of the world (about 52%) does not. But how those who don’t eventually get connected will start to look a lot different.

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Astral Roar – Lama House
Lupus Dream – Lama House
Cotton Spheres – Lama House
Slow Silk Lullaby – Lama House
Astral Roar – Lama House

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  1. It's KSP 101.
    1. Learn how to orbit.
    2. Get communications network set up.
    3. . . .
    4. Science ?

  2. Was the audio on this slowed down during editing? Either that or the narrator is not human.

  3. Lafayette Louisiana had it's residents band together (sorts (with help from local government)) and build their own ISP, providing faster internet at a cheaper rate than the competition. Would love to see this (100% municipally owned broadband fiber network) done more regularly.

  4. 42k satelites in space is the worst possible idea imaginable. Elon should be banned by all governments in the world for going for this, I cant believe people even buy his shit without any proper reality check. Space junk already is a huge problem for space missions (even a small few centimeter sized object can literally smash through any spacecraft at those speeds and have destroyed several satellites by debri or in some more rare cases there have been satellite collisions ). If Elons satellites crash time to time with themselves (which they obviously will) then this will prevent humans from ever becoming a space civilization by literally making our orbit an unpassable bullet hotzone. Thats not even talking about how bad the economics of this project are and unachievable like every other Elons ''genius'' projects people seem to forgot about.

  5. Nobody see that starlink primary is a military application, with partial coverage by user to keep the costs in check?
    It works like GPS case. 42 000 satellites need for redandancy and ballance loading.

  6. Let me ruin your idea of the importance of starlink. It is expensive to launch rockets and the upfront cost is more like a regular cost every 5 years since that is the lifespan of these satellites
    You need to charge people a crapton of money to make this profitable especially because you can't service a lot of people with the system. You can not have a lot of customers in cities because you don't have the bandwidth to service that and all the bandwidth of the satellites above the sea is also worthless since nobody lives there.
    Starlink is just the next hyperloop, 100 times cheaper tunneling or underground roads.

  7. Man this is one of those channels where you know it will be huge in the future, and right now you only have 24k subs

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