5 Alternatives to Windows 11 – including Chrome OS, macOS, and Linux

There is lots of drama about the minimum requirements that Microsoft has announced for Windows 11. If you have found that your PC can’t run Windows 11 then there are some alternatives. Here is my list of the top 5 alternative to Windows 11.

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  1. Microscrap put 10 on my computer without my permission
    I was happy with 7, and when they did it, i lost a bunch of progras i was using
    I hate microscrap

  2. honestly the 1 and only feature i find interesting on window 11 is being able to run all regular PC apps along side apk files/android apps

  3. It will not run on any of my CPUs. I'm running Linux only. Corporations are not going to trash all their computers out because of Microsoft.

  4. Yea…with my pc i will use windows for a long time for sure.. (until i cant upgrade no more)

  5. Microsoft: i3 i5 or i7 8th generation processor lads ?
    My Computer: Very fast SSD cpu 100% when it feels like 0% very fast internet wifi 2 USBs 57.7 GB 57.7 MB Very Fast Running PC On wimpiest hp pc 1% lag 118 GB disk pentium silver processor?

  6. After being at an event where the PC used delayed the start of the event by 40 minutes due to "Installing Updates" when the equipment was powered on, made me to look for alternatives to time and mission critical event software. Now my DJ software and lighting software run on Linux Mint. Normal user login never sees an update. Log in occasionally as Administrator and do the system updates on my schedule, not while 1,000+ people are waiting for the show to start.
    Lighting software is QLC+.
    DJ Software is MIXX. Both run fine on Linux Mint.
    Never had a show start late due to the OS and never crashed during a show.

  7. The one specification they don't give out is how much landfill space implementing Windows 11 will cost everyone.

  8. Mad that Microsoft has hardware requirements to run their OS so swap to Apple where they literally force you to buy THEIR hardware. Uh, OK.

  9. Spot on about Linux,. I use it and love it but the fragmentation is a problem… that's one of the reasons Unix died, so I'm told. They have a few years to prepare and unite. I hope they do it. Drivers can also be a problem.

  10. If I could run all my programs and games outside of windows I'd have ditched them a long time ago

  11. Windows 10 was bad enough. Mandatory updates that eventually made my laptop extremely slow plus in order to use Windows 10 you must accept Microsoft collecting some data about you. Glad I'm now using a Mac Mini M1.

  12. If major game developers would just build for Linux instead of just supporting Windows, that would be a game changer (pun intended).

    Ubuntu already has support from video card manufacturers – my 1080Ti works flawlessly on Ubuntu and AMD has drivers for its cards, too.

    If they'd just make big name games like GTA or Final Fantasy, etc for Linux, there would be very little reason to install Windows – for me, anyway since Office 365 works well enough in Linux (or just use LibreOffice).

    I'm sure there will be cases where one requires Windows but it's really up to developers to support Linux.

  13. Let's just teach Microsoft a lesson for making this windows version so damn picky when it comes to hardware and ONE SECURITY CHIP that I'm sure nobody even heard nor cared about until now.


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