WWDC Preview | MacBook Pro M1x, iMac 30", Mac mini Pro? iOS 15 MacOS 12

It is exactly two weeks to WWDC, so in today’s video, I’ll be talking about what I’m expecting that we will and won’t see at Apple’s Developer Conference opener on June 7th. So let’s do it!

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If you’re not aware already WWDC, or Dub Dub is Apple’s developer conference, every year in June and the opening keynote is where Apple announces the biggest changes coming to each of their platforms in the fall. Of course, anything that would give away hardware features of the upcoming products tend to get skipped over, but there are occasionally some hints. And in 2020, as well as being the first of Apple’s excellent digital events, it was also when Apple first announced their transition to Apple Silicon, and without that I probably wouldn’t have a channel right now!

In terms of hardware though, I’m becoming more confident that we’ll see the MacBook Pro in 14” and 16” sizes with new ports and the new X variant of Apple’s M1 inside too. I don’t think MacBook Pro will just be in silver and space grey either, though I’d expect deeper tones than the new iMacs.

Also Mac mini “pro” has been mentioned as almost ready to go, and Luke miani suggests that these could also get a redesign into a flatter shape than we currently have.

The new iMac in larger display size I think is about 50/50, but I’d love to see it released here too. It seems Luke may have seen these from his sources, but that being said Jon Prosser saw AirPods in 2019, so that doesn’t mean a product will absolutely arrive soon!

Finally, could we get a glimpse of Apple’s Mac Pro with Apple Silicon? If they peg it for a December release, it could well get a little look in. Before we move on, let me know which product you’re most excited for in the comments, and like if you’re jutst generally excited!

Ben Sheegog
#icaveanswers do you think the new 14 and 16 inch MacBook pros will get the mini led display, I’ve heard from Luke miani that the new MacBook Pro will just get a Liquid Retina, not xdr
James Apple
Will you buy an M2X Mac Pro with the G4 cube form factor??

Tech Hyped
#icaveanswers can’t wait For iOS 15 and lets see what they have for us, btw what are your thoughts on android 12

Pascal Munniks
#iCaveAnswers Do you think there’s a chance that iMac Pro comes back?

Abhay A Rao
#icaveanswers When will Apple make a watch which is compatible with Android?? That’s gonna boost up sales for sure… And do u think any android smartwatch has come up to the level of apple watches

If macOS gets the same amount of games in windows with native apple silicon support
Will apple make a MacBook G16 or 17 for gaming and just as if it wasn’t obvious enough cover it with rgb cuz that’s the gaming laptop meta

Euri Tech
#icaveanswers A day in the life of iCaveDave video?

Marcin Kowalczyk
@iCaveDave #iCaveAnswers
SaranByte uploaded video with that title on the 15th “NEW M1X iMac Pro Leaks – Smaller Chin + WWDC Launch REVEALED?”
m1x imac @ wwdc confirmed? (Greg from GregsGadgets seems to oppose this however)
however space grey accessories for imac got discontinued so this weights towards WWDC release?

Rabid Cyber
#iCaveAnswers Do you think it will be possible to jailbreak the new M-series chips on iPads or is the security finally becoming unbeatable?

Nick Felstead
#icaveanswers: do you think apple could move to a chiplet design like AMD as the M series grows e.g. could have the GPU on a seperate chiplet but on the same CPU?

Adam M • 1 day ago
#icaveanswers Do you think Parallels and VMWare will be able to introduce x86 emulation (as opposed to virtualizing ARM Windows/Linux). I hear the x86 emulation in Windows for ARM is not very good.

Rob Oo
#iCaveAnswers on the 12.9″ iPad Pro w mini LED screen, if the entire screen is black with a single white pixel, does the single white pixel have a halo or blur around it because the mini LED lit under it is bigger than the single white pixel? Can tyou tell how big is a single mini LED lit conpared to the entire screen? compared to the single pixel? How does the mini LED screen compare to a true OLED screen (compare a Samsung OLED tablet to the mini LED screen iPad).

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  1. Apple’s November event is gaming focused. New Apple TV focused on gaming, Apple Arcade console and desktop games from big developers and Apple’s game controller

  2. No the higher performance of ipad m1 is not because of OS overhead, because all os threads run on low power cores and have little overhead. The reason is the iOS kernal is highly optimised for apple silicon because it does not have to support legacy x86 calls. In recent years ios has had more advanced numbering and features than mac os. I suspect that next years mac os, os14 (avoiding os13) will be apple silicon only and they will switch to a k4 based verified kernal like apples uses in its t security chips. This should lead to a massive uplift in speed irrespective of IPS uplift from M2 chips and a 4nm process. Add up new kernal, apple silicon optimised kernal, 4nm and IPC improvements you could see M2 60-80 percent faster than m1

  3. @iCaveDave #iCaveAnswers got an email from apple today highlighting wwdc keynote date and time….considering it's been announced way in advance it seems apple wants to shine a spotlight on the WWDC keynote explicitly….I have a feeling there's a reason behind it and it's not software! Your thoughts?

  4. Mac mini pro …now you've said …i was m1x ..but not now …any idea of price on the mac mini pro ?

  5. I just want to say on behalf of the entire community, a massive thank you for all the work that goes into these, especially with you being back at work now. We all appreciate it!

  6. I failed to note the channel name change. It’s excellent! Especially as I’ve been calling the channel (and you, o host) that name [iCaveDave] for some weeks, often accidentally. So: Jolly Good show!

  7. #Icaveanswers How powerful do you see the m1X 16 and 32 core GPU’s being ? Is it fair just to double and quadruple the FPS we are getting in games with the M1 ?

  8. Nice video David. Please always make sure you do get enough sleep though, I would not want you to be sleep deprived because of this and neither would anybody else I think.

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