Huawei is replacing Android.

Huawei has officially announced that they will be phasing out Android in favour of Harmony OS in 2021. This is a HUGE step, but I’m not confident.

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  1. How do 500 people even manage to comment in the first 40 seconds? ?
    Crazy, thank you – Gonna read all of them! ?

  2. I'm actually going to ditch my huawei phone. I am visually impaired so rely heavily on google services such as Lookout, Lens and GMail. The Huawei versions (minus Lookout because they don't have it) are rubbish compared to the google equivalent.

  3. The malicious poison muhly prevent because refrigerator chronologically follow abaft a oafish emery. chivalrous, hissing anthony

  4. Its basically CCP pushing for this in guise of Huawei, its just the world is figuring out China's intent to get control over future tech like hardware, software and network which is basically handing over your sovereignty to China.

  5. Let's see how many people will lose their privacy to the ccp
    😀 I do hope they will stick around after the CCP collapses because they are a brilliant company just under the wrong government

  6. we change tech quite often so going for harmony over other kit isn't going to be the problem, it is indeed trust, especially for the yanks who have 45 to thank for how they regard china these days. an integrated, branded system, tv, phone, laptop, could work if they are as good if not better than mac, but it'll be a few years before we start trusting the chinese i think.

  7. all your personal data is alredy being collected by numerous other agents without your approval. even when you drive your car. so whats the issue if one more more entity collects your data?

  8. Basically, people are scared of being controlled by Huawei yet not realizing that they are already controlled by Google.

  9. Why not mention why they are getting ripped out of the 5g inferstructure. Their coding can't be trusted.

  10. There’s a reason why they were banned. Obviously nobody still doesn’t gets it. Does someone have to have everything stolen from them and lose everything of their identity by the Chinese government to finally learn, but by them it’d be to late. Not to mention that devices like that are used to spy on their own citizens which used to help them keep tighter control over them. It’s one of the reasons why even Biden hasn’t lifted the ban on those devices and others similar that are directly from China.

  11. I wouldn’t buy one of those phones, the ccp will have access to all your data, I know 3 people who had these phones and they are trash

  12. 3:47 The captions are messed up.
    Mine literally says 'word is her Beautiful average rate and solve problem When I thought She'
    I lost so many braincells

  13. I am curious however. At this point, would the huawei company possibly spy on you? I mean like they are a Chinese company right? That’s my main scare as an American. However, should they not do so, ig I’d buy one if I could.

  14. Eventually what is going to happen, is one of those big companies going to buy them over if they fail, if they don't fail it's going to make that company bigger and bigger and we would have a new contender. It's a bummer you cannot get Google store in purchase apps all technology.

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