How can I see the Starlink satellites?

How can I see the Starlink satellites?

Since 2019, pioneering space exploration company SpaceX have been launching packages of 60 satellites into our skies every two weeks or so, to feed their ever-growing Starlink internet network. These satellites in transit to their orbits make for an impressive sight in the night skies…but how is it we can see them at all? This video explains all, and gives three handy internet tools for tracking them down so you can see them for yourselves.


Celestrak –
Heavens Above (Starlink) –
Heavens Above (Live Sky View) –
See a Satellite by James Darpinian –

Images and footage courtesy of:
Heavens Above
James Darpinian
Mark Handley (UCL)
Dan Black
Astronomy Live
Jack Lishman
LeVrai William

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  1. Nothing new, just needless pollution of the orbit. Watch "Common Sense Skeptic's" video about Starlink

  2. Great show — Thanks
    – ive seen starlink train 7 times over last year -could See and video #24 &25 one night – Heavens Above is Awesome

  3. Is this really new or news to people? The apps and sites have been around for decades and we have been able to do this since the ‘60’s. Insane. I guess for children that might not know. I love my spotter app. Always gets ooooh and aaaah’s after sunset 🌅.

  4. As with all of the other videos I’ve seen so far on your direct channel here &, the FANTASTIC videos you’ve written on the other channel that I have seen every ep of, a fabulous job! I do however still have some internal reservation mixed feelings about humanity becoming entombed in a web of eventual space junk that may end up as well, in our oceans

  5. Elon Musk has said some of Starship's first orbital payloads will be Starlink satellites. Starship can launch 400 Starlink at a time. Possibly a much longer train, depending on the details for how Starship deploys its payload of 400 Starlink satellites. SpaceX may need to increase its production rate of Starlink satellites.

  6. When my children ask what this is , I will try not to vomit… I prefer that they can watch the stars without interruption…

  7. UFOs. Does anyone else find it odd that now, with billions of cameras on phones around the globe, the "Big Foot" community is silent? Have they evolved to become flat earthers or 6000-year creationists? Is it possible that all Big Foot, Feet, whatever, have been evacuated by the UFOs? Yeah, that must be it. New book coming right up!

  8. They make me very sad as they pass by. Not even the starry night in a lost place if safe from human pollution now.


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