Galaxy Note 9: Samsung One UI, Good Lock, & More!

This video briefly covers:
-Samsung One UI: Navigation Bar, Bixby Button Remapping, Night Mode
-Good Lock: LockStar, Task Manager, Edge Lighting
-Nova Launcher: Gestures and Home Screen Layout
-Changing App Icons on your phone

Apps Used in video: Walloop, Viral Icon Pack, Nova Launcher, Good Lock (Galaxy Store)

Galaxy Note 9 Silver (Unlocked, Renewed):

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  1. What are your favorite One UI & Good Lock customizations? Which are actually useful to you? Let me know!

  2. @Shane Symonds I'm not from US I tried using VPN still I can't get that app. Is there any ways to get it?

  3. Dude nicely done. I have been using Waloop as well. I love the Amoled live wallpapers and honestly I haven't noticed battery drain at all especially cause the non-animated portion of the wallpaper is so dark I love it!

  4. Good job! Seeing that I didn't root my 9 I still needed that freedom of some simple customization. I use all of the above. Btw try Video Wall from GPlay. If allows you to use any video in your gallery as a live wallpaper.

  5. Without Nova launcher: You can open Google if you hold down the home button or swipe up and hold done for a sec.

  6. O just bought my note 9.
    I am veru disappointed after I updated it to ui the camera was ruined..

    Guys if u are into pictures do not update..

  7. I'm gonna buy my note 9 this coming January or February of 2020 and might update it asap but there's something bothering me the battery issue people are having do you experience it ?

  8. Helpful video, thank you. Any idea how to reduce the size of folders to fit the items in the folder? I can have 2 items or 10 items in the folder it is still the same size, and with this large of a phone repositioning all the time is a pain.

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