Apple will Soon Start to Scan Your Photos (Details) NEW iOS 15.X Privacy Feature!

Apple announced 3 new privacy features coming to the iPhone and iPad with a new software update later this year in this video we go over some of the latest details of Apple’s child safety privacy features coming to iOS 15.x

Apple Child safety privacy features announcement:

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  1. apple in 2015: we didn’t allow the FBI to search a terrorist’s phone because we value privacy

    apple now: we’re gonna look through your phone and tell mommy if you have anything bad.

  2. I could see why they would like to do this but this is still a big invasion of privacy for everyone and it’s weird Apple is doing this since they are all about privacy but Apple does not seem like they are all about privacy anymore

  3. It's petrifying that you're delusional and naive to the point if thinking this is "for the children", that's literally laughable. This is about control and privacy invasions. If you took 10 seconds to read Apple's whitepapers to see what this tech actually does, you'd know it's incapable of doing what is says it will do. What is will be GREAT at, is spying on people, 99% of which won't be pedophiles. Wonder if you'd be ok with random police stops to constantly check for illegal stuff in your car? RIP presumption of innocence!

  4. It's a dangerous precedent being set. Have our best interest really ever been taken into account when it comes to privacy and surveillance or even censorship?

  5. it seems like a lot of people disagree with this (almost all) and I’m just hoping that someone will fight against this in court because it’s honestly annoying that I have to worried about my stuff getting leaked

  6. This video is stupid and this feature is stupid. This will NOT protect children! NO other company does this NOT one! For the obvious reasons.

  7. This is just plain wrong. It’s like saying you have to stop every single person on the street in the hopes to find a criminal , they can’t subject to this. Bad press apple

  8. Too far bro I’m not against that but there’s some private photos that I don’t want to be scanned by these mfs

  9. Apple bent the knee to this authoritarian government administration. First it's sensitive photos, next will be anyone taking pictures of firearms, then it will be a photo of a person being around people during a lockdown. Fuck Apple. I will not be updating any of my products and this will be the end of me buying their future products.

  10. someone having a screenshot taken of some private pics and having it used to blackmail them
    Looks like my next phone is the freedom phone.

  11. I don’t know Rick…. I agree with protecting kids but soon we’ll have no privacy and bad people who do this will just opt out of iCloud anyway

  12. You know what the cloud is? someone else's computer. Child safety is the gate way pretext to completely eliminate any privacy.

  13. Slippery slope. This is not a good thing for the future of our data. Always starts with good intentions.

  14. this is just a giant invasion of privacy to anyone under 18, and some for older. if i could sell all of my apple products i would but all my friends have them

  15. I love apple and i’m big apple fanboy but this is going to far. They do not have any right to look at my personal photos, i don’t care about my data for ads and this shit but this is just bad.

  16. Im not gonna update my phone. And if this will not change i may change my phone. This new feature is actually obvious they didn’t allow fb and other social app to track and now boom here’ the new feature of apple 👎🏼

  17. Wait does this mean they can see every photo I’ve ever received and every text ive ever sent on my phone ???

  18. How would they know that the picture is of a child to they would literally have to look at it to know

  19. Hi, on my iPhone SE 2020 videos in Safari are black, in third party apps like WhatsApp also, I guess because it uses Safari technology?

  20. Wow it’s for the protect the children always bringing children into Everything To screw everyone over to This way the parents can protect the children from the iPhone lol well I got news for you do you know kids know how to use an iPhone way better than an adult so scared this Apple 🖕🏻

  21. What if when scanning photos there’s a bug that reports you for having a pic that looks inappropriate, but it’s not? Then what? You’re in trouble due to an issue on Apples end… This update seems great, but also seems horrible.

  22. Great now if you have personal photos of your gf apple can look at them guess I’m getting a Samsung

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