Gigabyte RTX 3070 Mining: ETHEREUM vs. RAVENCOIN

For a Full Hash Rate RTX 3070, what is the most profitable crypt currency to GPU Mine between Ethereum (ETH)& Ravencoin (RVN)? Lets see what hashrates and efficiencies we can get with our Gigabyte Vision OC 3070

Feel free to let me know in the comments what types of videos you would like to see! 🙂

As if you didn’t already know, you should most definitely check out these Crypto Mining Youtubers. I learned most of what I know from these guys:

Red Fox Crypto:
Son of a Tech:
Sebs FinTech Channel:
Red Panda Mining:
Altered Component:
Mining Chamber:
Brandon Coin:
The Hobbyist Miner:

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  1. Just trying to start mining with a single card. I am from India. Here i can get rtx 3060 non lhr for the price of an lhr 3070ti. My doubt is should i get the non lhr 3060 or the 3070ti now in september 2021 . Please give me your thoughts on this? . Nice video by the way.

  2. Great vid! Ive been switching my 3070 from eth and back to rvn. Can't decide which coin I want more of lol

  3. Man such nice price in canadian market
    3070 LHR in my market is $1200 and non LHR $1900 cheapest

  4. Do you do all your mining within Windows or do you use some other OS?

    I noticed that Ravencoin just gets quite a bit of rejects over time. More so than I have with anything else (Ergo as example). I mine Eth, RVN and ERGO. And out of all of them, RVN gets most failure rates (Stale jobs, probably the pool). Anyway, keep it up. Great videos and I appreciate the information. You should upload your findings with GPU's, hash rates, OC's and what not onto a shared Doc!

  5. Well done bud. Have that same card churning away since January..of course keeping it on eth where it belongs

  6. That Gigabyte card seems to be a pretty nice card 🙂
    That prebuilt were very pricey though to be honest :$
    Have a great weekend and keep on mining <3

  7. Since it’s a gigabyte card does the power limit get affected ? I know for my 3060 TI the gigabyte pro OC version the power limited cannot go below 140 W when I try to set it at 125. It’s terrible I’d stay away from gigabyte cards especially oc versions. Great vid tho mate!

  8. Great video. Please do a video on your current mining strategy and your thoughts on to start mining ergo or ravencoin on LHR cards.

  9. u should include the difficulty factor here, if eth disappear tomorrow, all miner move to raven imagine the profitability.


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