Windows 11 build 22449: New boot animation, SMB compression, Settings changes

Windows 11 build 22449 hand-on video with the new boot animation, SMB compression, Settings changes, and more. More info ➤ Fix for unresponsive Start and Taskbar ➤

Download build 22449 ISO steps ➤

Table of contents:
00:00 Intro
00:20 No more Startup sound
00:42 Settings changes
01:48 New Windows 11 boot animation
02:31 SMB compression changes
03:42 Closing

#Windows11 #Windows11Insiders

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  1. Wow it's almost like Windows 11 is reverting back to Windows 7. Someone else must be in charge lol

  2. Bluetooth options has been there from the start, you’ve always have been able to go into settings from there.

  3. Right Clicking on Bluetooth will provide an option to Go to Bluetooth Devices – this feature has been there from 22000.100

  4. এখানে নতুন কি? মানুষ কেন যে এসব দেখে সময় নষ্ট করে!!!!!

  5. عالی بود ادامه بده ببینیم چه کنیم نصب کنیم یا نصب نکنیم

  6. Looks like they’re faffing around with silly things. I mean how bored can you be that you decide to change the waiting animation circle from dots to uneven bars. Whoever decided that needs to see a psychologist. Wish Microsoft would do something useful like put the New Folder icon on its own in File Explorer. There’s more than enough space for this. Or at least make the menu customisable so someone like me has a better experience because I create many folders in my workflow. New Folder was on its own before and now muscle memory is confused and I waste time thinking which of the new icons is New Folder, before my brain kicks in and I realise they’ve packed it among the New junk pile.

  7. Windows 11 is disappointing. I was hoping to be able to connect to Bluetooth devices from action centre like the WiFi button. At least a simple feature like that 😢


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