Tencent realized it for the first time in 6 years! “King of Glory” 120 frames will be online: the first batch of models announced

As the well-deserved king of the domestic mobile game market, Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” can be regarded as a pioneer of the same type in all aspects. It was the first to announce the launch of a 120Hz extremely high frame rate mode, which can perfectly match the mainstream of today’s Android phones. 120Hz super high brush screen.

Recently, “King of Glory” officially revealed that the S25 season update is coming soon. In the new version, both the game mechanism, the game screen and the game performance have been optimized. The most notable one is the 120Hz extremely high frame rate mode will be officially launched.

Tencent realized it for the first time in 6 years!

“Honor of Kings” 120Hz extremely high frame rate mode first batch of three models online

According to official information, the first batch of open models has three models, namely iQOO 8, iQOO 8 Pro and vivo X70 Pro+. The iQOO 8 series has been released before, and the vivo X70 Pro+ will be officially launched tonight (September 9). .

The biggest change brought by the extremely high frame rate of 120Hz is that it is smoother. The attack and skill trajectory of the characters in the game are more delicate, and the knives and kills can be more smoothly and smoothly. When the angle of view is moved, it is also significantly smoother. The game experience is directly pulled. Full.

It should be noted that the game supports an extremely high frame rate of 120Hz, and you need to have a good screen to display in order to get the top gaming experience. The currently released iQOO 8 series is equipped with the so-called “2021 mobile phone screen ceiling” Top screen.

The world premiere of iQOO 8 series!

The iQOO 8 series will launch the 120Hz frame mode of “Honor of Kings”

It is reported that iQOO 8 Pro debuted Samsung’s latest E5 material OLED screen. The power consumption is 25% lower than that of E4 material. The local peak brightness is 1500nit and the global maximum brightness is 1000nit.

At the same time, it also has a resolution of 3200×1440 and a PPI sub-pixel resolution of up to 571. This is iQOO’s first retina screen mobile phone. It also has a 120Hz high brush, and LTPO technology enables free switching between 1-120Hz.

More importantly, the 2K and 120Hz high brushes can be turned on at the same time. With the 300Hz touch sampling rate, the game can be smooth and sensitive. It can show the ultimate picture and operation in the 120Hz extremely high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings” .

As for the vivo X70 Pro+ to be released tonight, it is reported that it is also equipped with a 2K E5 screen, and the final effect is very worth looking forward to.

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