iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12s

iPhone 13 Hands On!
This year, is Apple giving us an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 12s? If you asked me a few months ago, I would have said Apple would make some huge changes to the iPhone, but now, just a few weeks away from launch, it seems like we’re getting an “S” year upgrade. Let me show you what features and specs are coming this year to the iPhone and which features we won’t see until next year and beyond.

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  1. 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹

  2. Notch is not a big deal for me. On the other hand, the 120hz refresh rate is enough for me to upgrade to 13 pro max alone. I have an iphone 11 pro and skipped 12 even though I really want the squarish design, but im not skipping the 13 pro max coz of the refresh rate haha. Definitely worth an upgrade.

  3. Fingerprint is unique for everyone.
    Face is not, for example twin.
    Privacy and security is important, Apple ?
    Besides, face mask is hurting user experience.
    So good health and user experience, Apple?

  4. If the camera area wud be black from the rest of the color as shown here it wud look really cool 😎 wud buy it ASAP bcz apart from that iPhone is iPhone but they need to change the look adding rainbow colors ain’t it bcz that is what the cases are for ,,, personly when i buy anything above 1k , I don’t want it purple or pink or orange unless it’s a Lamborghini in my dreams .

  5. Bro I can’t buy iPhone in my whole life, can’t you surprise me with iPhone 12 mini. I really like this phone ….🙏🙏🙏

  6. Touch ID is a big thing for me, so much so that I’m sticking to my iPhone 7 Plus until Apple reintroduce Touch ID.

  7. I’m not excited for the iPhone 13 because still have notch which I’m using iPhone 11 so looking for futuristic iphone like a galaxy fold or flip, but no more notch if the iPhone continue do same thing so I will move to Samsung because I know about Samsung and My first experience is Samsung

  8. remove the notch touch i’d is better is hard using w face mask doesn’t have new changes is now jump the ship

  9. Touch ID seems essential in a world of mandated face masks and honestly I think the combination of Face ID and Touch ID would be brilliant since they both have situations where the other is more convenient. But I'm not surprised Apple isn't adding it to the 13 or 12s since they would much rather you buy their phone and their watch as well 🤔

  10. I upgrade every year (iPhone upgrade program). I'm happy they are keeping the same design as the iPhone 12. I absolutely love the box industrial design.

  11. The biggest things which make me move from Android phones to Iphones ( back again 😉) is no notch (at all), touch id and AOD. I completely don't care about 120Hz display, it's a total gimmick and you don't feel ANY difference between 120Hz or 60Hz display. FAST CHARGING !!! At least 60 W. And last but not least, stop these ecology bls and GIVE ME CHARGER IN THE BOX !!!

  12. It would be nice to have it, but I do have my Apple Watch and my OS is updated on my phone and watch to use it. I love what will be on the I-Phone this year, the camera upgrades, and coming from an I-Phone 10R to the I-Phone 13 Pro Max, that will be a big upgrade. I am definitely plannng to get the I-Phone 13 Pro Max.

  13. Iphone kalau kita main games mahal iphone orang kaya pakai iphone 13 mini tak laku di negara saya pasal dia layar kecil

  14. I Can't Wait Till I Get That iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro And iPhone 13 Pro Max This Year Or Next Year Of Late 2021 Or Early 2022 With Million Billion And Trillion Dollars Cash

  15. I think its worth it getting the iphone 13 instead iphone 12 like the 120 refresh rate, always on display and some new camera features and improvements


    I will be updating this year from a XR and I was sure to get my very first Pro model with the 12S but during the last days I remembered how much I loved my smaller iPhones! My favorite by far was the 4S!
    Then they got bigger every year and I switched from my 6S to a my current XR.
    I think my dream iPhone would be a Pro Mini-version! 🤤
    Would buy this in a second!

  17. Why would I ever go back to Touch ID? Face ID is so much better. I really want my phone to be a handheld movie theater experience. I use my iphone more then my tv for digital entertainment. Better screen resolution and way better speakers.

  18. face is working good still 4 years still the same notch need some big change in display or new design. fingerprint is not a great deal buy iphone 11 pro with cheap rate and can also enjoy ios updates and still look same

  19. I have a purple 11 and want to upgrade to 12 pro max but also wanna wait for the 13 pro max but also worried I won’t like it and should’ve grabbed the 12 pro max when I had the chance.

  20. My next upgrade will be purchased when the biometric unlock sensor is back. Did expect the comeback this year 🙁

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