The former flagship kills 4,000 yuan!Prices of 4 old iPhones on Apple’s official website have dropped

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Apple iPhone 13 officially debuted! If you feel that the new phone exceeds the budget, you may wish to turn your target to the old iPhone and maintain the strategy of nearly two years. After the release of the new phone, Apple lowered the prices of four new phones, hoping to take advantage of the current price.

If you still want to have a 5G network connection, you can consider the reduced price of the iPhone 12, which will not lose too much to the iPhone 13 in terms of specifications. The 64GB model has been dropped from the original 26,900 yuan to 22,900 yuan, and the revision rate falls to 4,000 yuan. As for the iPhone 12 mini, it now starts at RMB 19,900.

If you don’t care about 5G connection, you can consider iPhone 11 and iPhone SE. The price of the former replaces the original XR position. The price was revised down to 16,500 yuan for the second time. The A13 chip is still very competitive among the mid-price models. And iPhone 11 also has a practical dual main lens.

As for the iPhone SE, which sells at a compact and affordable price, the price is 13,500 yuan, which is slightly revised down by 400 yuan. Since the US dollar price has not changed, it may just be an exchange rate adjustment.

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