Samsung S21 Series 2nd AUGUST Update – One UI 3.1.1 Surprise?

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Samsung released the second global Exynos 2100 August firmware update! I am using it since several days and now it was the right time to put it to test!

Video Quick Guide:
00:00 – Intro, ROM Installation, Clear Cache & Optimize all Apps!
04:57 – Updated Camera App check
05:20 – Camera Start/Close Test
06:23 – Camera shutter lag test (taking single & multiple photos)
07:48 – New “old” Power Options
09:16 – Thermal Guardian tips & tricks for optimized performance
09:27 – Geekbench test and comparison vs July & May results!
10:45 – AnTutTu test and comparison vs July & May results!
12:10 – One UI Home version check
12:29 – Samsung Internet version check
12:46 – Biometrics Security Patch check
12:54 – App opening/closing and App switching test
13:24 – Second Camera opening and closing test (phone is already hot)
13:35 – Recent Menu test
13:40 – Video Outro

▶ The update = G99*BXXU3AUHB
▶ Download = 950MB (TBC)
▶ Build date = 17 August 2021
▶ Release date = 25 August 2021
▶ Camera version =
▶ One UI version = 3.1
▶ Android Security patch = 01 August 2021

Let`s install & test!

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Enjoy the video!



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  1. I have unlocked galaxy s21 ultra I'm using it on Verizon and I have the new update. But for some reason the enhanced processing is still the same.

  2. s21+ is just a bigger s21 with glass back as a bonus I'd say get they s21 or s21 ultra n not go 4 + because s21+ isn't 200 dollars better than s21 I would pay 200 more 4 slightly bigger screen n glass back or spend 200 more get they ultra n if ur pocket doesn't allow u 4 they s21 ultra but only they s21+ get they s21 ur better of buying that instead.

  3. This is for real???? Maybe Samsung just stopped to innovate and baptism wallpapers and bed time as updates that actually are garbage. Congratulations for mocking people, welldone Samsung.

  4. Is the s21 telephoto camera looking like ass because of a software issue or the camera is just bad haven't updated to this firmware

  5. Hey there I have a question I live in the netherlands and I didn't get the update on my s21 do you why I didn't get it

  6. Nice video …
    I see you install Google camera !
    Can you put link that Google camera I want install it on my s21 ultra but it's exynos

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