Apple iPhone 13 upgrade is too small!Netizens laugh: This is the iPad mini 6 press conference, right?

(Picture/Review of Apple Press Conference)

Apple’s 2021 autumn conference officially started in the early morning of today (15th)! New iPhone and iPad multiple products and services have appeared one after another. However, many netizens are not very satisfied with the iPhone 13 this year, thinking that it has not been upgraded enough. Instead, they agree that the new iPad mini 6 is very attractive.

Many netizens pointed out that this year’s iPhone 13 and 13 mini seem to have only the A15 chip as the highlight, and the screen refresh rate is still 60Hz. Compared with the same price Android lineup, it is still lagging behind. As for the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, although they support 120Hz, they only It can be regarded as a complement function. More professional film shooting and camera upgrades do not seem to be impressed by ordinary users.

Although the upgrade is limited, Apple lowered the price of the iPhone 13 series this time. The cheapest price is only 22,900 yuan. The capacity has also doubled to 128GB. There is no longer 64GB. Some netizens predict that the iPhone 13 128GB should sell very well.

The most anticipated iPad mini 6 at this conference is the iPad mini 6, which not only uses the A15 chip of the same level as the iPhone 13, but is also believed by many netizens that it beats the iPad Air 4 in terms of specifications and is the second Apple to support 5G networks. The tablet, integrated power button retains Touch ID fingerprint recognition, and switched to USB-C jacks are all well received. The price falls at 14,900 yuan and it is not too expensive. Some people laughed and said, “This is the iPad mini 6 launch event.”

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