OnePlus 9 Hasselblad Camera First Look

The Oneplus 9 Hasselblad camera has officially been unveiled. While the Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9 Pro will be announced later this month, we now have quite a few details regarding the collaboration with Hasselbar and what it means for the cameras on the two OnePlus 9 smartphones.

This is a first look at the onePlus 9 Hasselblad camera collaboration.

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  1. Instead of partnering with Hasselblad I would rather they partner with Sony and develop some custom sensors.

  2. You should have said push them past apple and even Samsung because I haven't had a good apple camera in a bit

  3. I hope they improve as well the software. Indeed, perhaps be more important. For example, Google with its Pixels.

  4. I'm curious and this has my attention! Right after i personally ditched OnePlus last year this got me excited again. Not getting my hopes up yet but we'll see..

  5. I'm just waiting for the 400 megapixel with hassleblad camera that took picture of presidents portraits and the moon. Hoping it cost 6000 dollars waiting it to beat the Samsung camera but will never beat pixel or Apple but still it can deliver mediocre camera of 1969 hassleblad did

  6. There are three types of Android lovers….
    1.Custom UI loving people like me who always used a samsung,LG or Xiaomi etc
    2.Stock android loving people who are always into One plus & Google Pixel
    3.Last come those people who doesnt care Custom UI or Stock (These people mostly switch over to Apple)
    Over the years Oneplus versions had heating issues,Undercooked softwares and even more pathetic cameras that just put me off….unless they convince me with an Extrodinary camera with OP9 i will remain a 1st category person

  7. Suggest viewers to watch MrMobile's video "The OnePlus Hasselblad Hype: A Lesson In Licensing". Having read the press release on Oneplus's website, am inclined to agree that this is a branding/licensing exercise. Let's call a spade a spade.

  8. I'm way too happy for this. My only complaint about my lovely 6t is the camera, but at the moment of buying I thought I wouldn't need a good camera since I have my very good seperate one. Boy was I wrong, a good camera on phone is so important. I'm expecting a lot of you one plus!

  9. People who are waiting for the OnePlus 9. This might be useful:

    1. Which was the first camera on the moon that was used by Neil Armstrong to capture the iconic photos of Man on the moon and the first step on the moon's surface?
    Hasselblad Data Camera (HDC)

    2. Which of the below photos were captured by Hasselblad Cameras?
    Both a and b

    3. Hasselblad is renowned for its accurate and natural colour. What is the name of Hasselblad’s colour solution?
    Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution

    4. Which camera was used to take the famous blue marble earth shot?
    Hasselblad 500EL

    5. Hasselblad hosts one of the most prestigious professional photographic competitions, giving acclaimed professionals and aspiring newcomers, the chance to make their mark in the world of photography. What are the awards called?
    Hasselblad Masters Award

    6. Where is Hasselblad’s Headquarters located?

  10. Hasselblad makes some of the best still cameras our planet has ever seen? But still photography and smartphone cameras are two different animals? But I wish them the best & hope they have much success together, will be watching!

  11. So Hasselblad is just color and camera pro mode tune and not optics like with Zeiss and Leica? New Sony IMX sensors sounds more promising than the Hasselblad collab if to be honest. Next year with 10 Pro we will probably see a periscope or when Iphone finally go for periscope, meaning OnePlus for real will be 1200 Euros at very least.

  12. Clickbaity speculative nonsense. I’m normally a big fan of yours Nick but this video is a disappointment. Since when did you turn into a oneplus advertiser? Let’s wait and see when you actually get your hands on the phone if the camera is any good or if (once again) oneplus manages to screw it up.

  13. Until they fix their software and actually deliver on all their bullshit hype i won't buy another OnePlus. I fell for it once

  14. This all sounds great. I hope Hasselblad will also convince them to stop following the budget phone trend of putting useless, low quality macro lenses on the low end devices, just to say there are four cameras. This probably annoys me more than it should, but it has led me to respecting OnePlus less. Even though, realistically I would be buying a phone tier that doesn't really do this.

  15. Ya I'm not buying into the hype cause my future hypes have all been destroyed by the hype created by the OnePlus nord.

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