iPhone 8 plus lcd screen replacement full video

how to change iPhone 8 Plus Lcd Secreen

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  1. Everyone’s biggest fear, is pulling on something too hard and breaking it. Everything looks so fragile and important too.

  2. I'm in Az. I just left my phone on top of the dash of my truck and the screen pulled of perfectly while waiting for my kids to get out of school.

  3. I’m having so much trouble with putting the camera back in how he do it so easy it’s taken me like a day

  4. I dropped my phone and now I have a thick black bar across my screen with light blue lines go down as well, will doing this fix my problem?

  5. Question, so we do not need to add glue, like B-7000 around the eges of the phone for the new screen? It just clips in place and that's it, it's sealed?

  6. Hey I need help so I bought a new phone screen for my iPhone 8 plus and since I'm no professional I'm thinking of getting the screen on with a nearby repair shop and they say it would cost like $40 to get it on and $100 if my screen doesn't work is that Ummm like fair or what the $40 I mean ty for the help ;(

  7. Now my home button doesn't work at all. I checked and the 2 plugs are connected. Can anyone offer a solution??

  8. This person is not replacing the screen in the right way it is bad for the phone to be heated up there is another safe way

  9. super good video, thanks to you I could fix my phone. Just I asume you install the camera transparent plastic bracket as I did and all good!!! thanks again!!!

  10. I get that this is supposed to be an easy tutorial but you forgot to transfer the camera rubber holder thingy and the censor holder…also you didnt apply any display adhesive..other than that, great tutorial. Keep it up!

  11. Do the replacement screens include a speaker? My works but not well so thinking of maybe fixing it at the same time but not sure if it’s on the replacement screens,?

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