SpaceX's Starlink helps German flood victims, Viasat lawsuit update, and more testing revealed

Starlink is connecting people impacted by the devastating floods in Germany.
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A panel of judges is denying Viasat’s request to halt Starlink launches.
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And more details are revealed in the plans to test Starlink via land and sea.
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  1. ViaSat and many other internet providers are threatened because we are moving to a technology that will effectively remove their monopoly. They can only blame themselves for not making efforts to improve services over time because they never felt any competitive pressure. I have no sympathy for them and I hope that Starlink is an absolute success.

  2. What do you think of viasat 3 constellation. It's supposed to provide high speed internet for the whole world with 3 big sat.

  3. God I Love you young Lady. Your just to good to believe, but I do believe in you, first thank you so much for all the true and Great news you bring us with that most beautiful face and magnificent Mind, do you have any idea how you, alone, help us ?? Well let me explain, hear we are in southern California on look down again, hunny there is no one on the streets, in this small town I live in Yucaipa California.
    So most of us get our news from you, as we can trust u, also us 🎨 get miles of inspiration from just looking at you, well that's the truth, thanks . Semper Fi. Lawrence.

  4. I'm so happy that they are providing disaster relief services, what a benefit to connect a dish to a power supply and anybody can use global internet. Just seems so logical for remote or disabled areas, only lawyers and lobbyists can really stop it. Fingers crossed.

  5. Germans do not like to be referred to as "Western" Germany. They should get over it. Whatever Eliana says is OK with me.

  6. the spin doctors at play again and big government wants to pass a $ 50 billion bill to provide high speed internet for rural areas ! starlink is already doing this ! stop wasting taxpayers $ and fun fact #2 a falcon 9 launch only emits 0nly % .0000000000259 of the worlds dally co2 emissions !

  7. A minor point, Carrington Event. How robust is Starlink & its satellites? Given its potential to help in disasters, and we don't know what the full effect of a Carrington type event will be. So much is dependant on comms. and a lot of that comms finds its way via satellites and the kind of long copper wires that telephones use. The next Carrington will hit, when everyone is saying "not for a long time". And no-one knows what it will disrupt. So, is Starlink robust enough?

  8. Imagine if SpaceX could just launch a standby Starship anywhere to the world with a payload full of re-entry capsules with starlink base stations: antenna + long range sector WiFi/4G/5G that deploy on a tower after landing.

  9. I posted that a couple months ago that all the other internet hosting companies are going to crap in their pants because of what Tesla doing. Once he is up and running full bore, he's going to drop the price so it will be so much more affordable to the masses. The other companies cannot match StarLink. They are screwed and they know it.

  10. I live in a flooded area. And yes, this would help right now a lot. Some supermarkets are closed that need reliable internet for their checkouts.

  11. I just checked the viasat Facebook page and they're definitely getting trolled. I feel bad for those who get trampled by competition but trying dirty legal tricks to end that competition (all while price gouging your customers) wins you no sympathy from me.

  12. Can you make video about stalink in asia specific in Indonesia? I try to get subscribe starlink in Papua Indonesia
    Pls help me
    Thank you πŸ™πŸ™

  13. A solar powered fully integrated Starlink device that provides a WiFi hot spot for use in isolated villages would be interesting. The costs could then be spread across more people and charities could subsidise them.

  14. I live in the country and we have virtually no options for internet. I have tried any current satellite ISP and frankly, they are all terrible. I am on a broadband radio system and it works better than any of the current offerings.
    I am patiently waiting for Elon and Starlink to change history.
    Thank you again for the videos and updates.

  15. Hi Angel. It's Lawrence. Feeling very good today. July 23. 2021. Thank you for the news on starlink and how there humanity help to others is most important as they are in a flood in Germany. I did not know that Mr. Elon Musk help so meany people. Unlike that little blue guy.
    Not vergin G.
    Okay let's get back to you Georges Lady.. I have a great idea to give Elon more money to do his Works around the world. Hey Elon it Larry.aks Lawrence.
    Okay you have the best batteries in the world for cars, Great…
    Now for us people that only have Radios. Flash lights and other small aplinces. We need you batteries in smaller size. WOW. A trillion dollars… Respectfully yours Lawrence.
    Putting a new engine in my 1992 Chevy blazer V6 cylinder s-10 4X4.
    ASAP. This one is okay but it's tired. That should get me to Washington or Origon.πŸŽ¨πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ˜Šβ™₯️🌎πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ€©πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

  16. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your Starlink News updates. To the point and effective. I have been installing and working with earth receiving terminals for satellites for about 30 years now. I do think Starlink will revolutionize communication on a global level. Keep at it, looking forward future updates. I am in the Caribbean when I get mine will send you some feedback.

  17. Viasat needs to concentrate on improving their crappy service not worry about what SpaceX is doing. If their service was not so shitty then maybe they would have a chance to stay in business.

  18. any word on the RV version? I travel all around the northwest and at present I have to set my antenna on the ground which is ok but a little inconvient.

  19. Amazing reporting… nice to get more updates about Starlink and I look forward to your next updates. πŸ‘

  20. Eliana, I certainly hope Elon has noticed your efforts to educate and illuminate the World to the advantages of Starlink! You are a great (unofficial) ambassador and deserve Elon's appreciation!

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