iPad 8th Generation In 2021! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)

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The iPad 8th Generation came out last year, so let’s see how it holds up in 2021!

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  1. Just recently purchased the 8th gen from the Apple store. Purchased the Smart Keyboard and gen 1 pencil as well, awesome machine working next to my M1 MBA!

  2. i love my iPad 8! it's definitely a solid piece of technology. i've also done a video review of my iPad 8, and i agree with almost everything you've said 🙂

  3. Ordered on 14th june. Expected delivery shows 5th to 10th july. It's 7th today and the order still shows "processing"? Is something off?

  4. Ipad 8th gen 32 gb is enough for gaming , online study purposes..I have purchased it , it is awesome … is worthy for purchase ….u should buy it if you are having enough money to buy it !!!it is really awesome

  5. Mine just finally arrived yesterday. It seems to be freaking awesome! Unless you needed something that requires a lot more out of your device (media editing or art design), you likely won’t need anything aside from this iPad but I do recommend getting the 128GB model due to you might changing your mind in terms of what you’re planning to do with it. I right off the bat already deciding on the larger storage because I’m planning to download movies & TV shows onto it.

    The only thing I have a gripe on is the camera. They should’ve increased the selfie camera from 1.2 MP up to 5MP. From the $329 to $429 price point, 8MP main camera is still fine in my opinion.

    And in terms of iOS updates, I think iPadOS 17 being released in September 2023 is likely going to be the final major update it’s gonna get in order to honour the average 4 year life spam. Even though I would love to get iPadOS 18 on this in September 2024 and it might very well get it but the only thing that is kinda holding this iPad back is the 3GB of RAM instead of 4GB~6GB of RAM the Air & Pro has. On top of that, this iPad has the A12 Bionic chip, which was already 2 years old by the time this iPad came out. Meaning that by 2024, the internals would already be 6 years old.

    By 2024 or 2025, I would not be surprised if iPads had already started to move to 6GB & 8GB of RAM in most, if not all of the devices, even with the basic iPad being at the verge of getting that upgrade. With that logic in mind, I say iPad 8th generation only has like a 50 ~ 50 chance of moving beyond the usual 4 year life spam, meaning that by September 2024 when they announce the iPadOS 18, 50/50 chance it’ll get the axe.

    I should also point out that regardless of when the iPadOS stop supporting the iPad, you’re still likely looking at an additional solid 1 year or 2 worth of app support, especially with very popular apps where millions, if not billions of people using it, still only needing iOS 10 to iOS 12 at the moment, with a couple still dipping around in the whelm of iOS 9. So even if it gets the axe in 2024, you should still be fine until 2026~Ish for the most part in terms of app updates. Also keep in mind that even after they stop supporting the apps on this device, you should still be able to use it for another year or two. So in theory, you might still be able to use popular apps on this iPad until 2028, even.

    But with all that said though, after using this iPad for the past 32 hours and after testing the Pro & Air a few months back in the store, I honestly don’t see why this iPad can’t still be a good buy for the average users, which I’m willing to bet is at least 60~70% of you, especially if all you’re going to do on it is to watch online videos, social media, some basic gaming or using some office apps like docs or spreadsheets.

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