Windows 11 Is Finally Out

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  1. Partial Mac User: for video editing and just general use of a computer there are a lot of gestures to navigate through apps and stuff, but for gaming it's bad.

  2. hey Pegasus, trackpads are absolutely retarded, even just for browsing Reddit and youtube. if I can use a mouse, believe me, I WILL use a mouse without skipping a heartbeat.

  3. First announcing a final windows version, then slowly migrating to new interface, polishing the product every 6 months, achieving astonishing compatibility with hardware and software for old and new systems, improving performace, adding new features and then in one second rejecting everything to sell rounded corners crap for 100 bucks…I feel no pity for the idiots who are willing to sign up to this…maybe finally this the reason i switch completely to Linux. After all MS has nothing left to improve as it seems…let's not talk about tpm and secure boot crap…you can't protect an idiot user who does't care to learn how to use the start menu properly from ransomwaring his ass off…why should everyone else suffer about it???

  4. Why? I like the windows 11 design. Why is everyone spreading toxicity on YouTube? If you don't like it then stick to Windows 10 not just wasting time on hating windows 11.

  5. XP's theme was the best, Areo was good as well, but Windows 11's theme is just a dumbed down version of Windows 10. I guarantee that Microsoft will get rid of the DOSBOX

  6. Imagine saying new electronic things are trash also fi you don't like Windows 11 and want the old Windows then it's bad cuz how you will play roblox you dum dum

  7. Mac user here, a touch pad is probably not faster than a mouse, it can scroll, but not very reliably it can right click but only by clicking with both fingers or on certain things like chrome, not games with control as a key, like tabs, control clicking, the control button’s function is replaced by the command button, mostly just a bit inconvenient in some cases, you can get a mouse though

  8. The last sane version of Windows was Windows 2000. I moved from Windows 2000 to Linux way back in 2010.

  9. Forget the interface/UI changing,
    Here's one thing you may not realise…
    Windows 11 folder/file is as small as Windows Vista's
    Which is 2x smaller than Windows 10
    It means you can save up to like 10GB
    ..if you upgrade to Windows 11 and delete the previous OS (Windows 10)

    This happened because Microsoft removed some useless Windows 10 features from adopting to Windows 11
    If you change your mind, you can keep saying how bad Windows 11 is…

  10. Windows 11: 🤢🤢🤮🤮😡😡
    Windows 10: 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
    Windows 9: 😳😳😱😱😎😎

  11. You never even used windows 11. how the fuck did you decide it's trash already

    Also no one is forcing you to use the default wallpapers

  12. Windows 11 will fail and be microsoft's biggest failure. Number one on my complaint is, if you reinstall windows to sell the pc to another person, you have to set it up with a microsoft account!! You can no longer set it up with a local user account. The buyer will have to have a microsoft acct. and give it to you as you are re-installing windows.

  13. I thought the interface looked like a Chromebook, and I hate chrome books. I hate them so much that I could smash them if I wanted to but I guess the chrome book is inspired by Mac interface which makes that even worse. I just want to stick to my windows not make everything so primitive.

  14. The only thing I'm slightly excited for is getting android apps, which you can already do with BlueStacks.

  15. Well, here's the thing. You guys are judging the interface, they could have actually internally changed system management, which would in-turn depending on what they did, make it run a ton faster. I won't explain it in any amount of detail, but the way Mac OS currently works internally is alot cleaner, faster and smoother because they use a much different system than Windows does, if windows has switched to anything that even resembles that, you're not only going to be running your games a bit better, everything is going to be a bit better. So don't judge a book by it's cover, atleast not yet.

  16. i use mac, linux and windows, windows is so fucking shit I can't even express myself now compared to mac os

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