New iPad Mini review: middle child

The iPad Mini is all-new for 2021. Apple has redesigned the hardware with a larger 8.3-inch display, replaced the Lightning port with USB-C, and added support for the second-generation Apple Pencil. Pricing starts at $499 for the 64GB Wi-Fi-only model and $649 for the 5G-enabled cellular version.

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  1. You can make your icons bigger on iOS. Settings —> Home Screen and Dock -> Use large icons.

  2. Why do people care about bezels? Everything outside the display is outside the display, the bezels, the table, the room, the universe.

  3. Now, if only it had 120Hz screen…Having been spoiled by high refresh rate devices for years it is just jarring to use 60Hz again.

  4. I saw it in store and the screen seemed so laggy when scrolling…. Kinda killed it for me 🙁

  5. Who of us out there, owns an idevice, sees the good sides… But also is aware of the over simplification of tech which could potentially have a detriment to the younger generation?

    It *always*, feels to me that every time a new Apple device comes out, the verge's same 'stuck in the middle' 'it's great, but it's not quite what I want' / 'not quite there in some regards' standpoint comes in to view.

    There is always so much justifying that goes on. …I just wonder… What else could be achieved in these editor's lives (not trying to judge here), if we weren't just chasing the gold standard in consumer electronics all the time.

    The entire conversation is just about… What can we do with another tablet, which we've been doing for years?

    I honestly feel that this entire trajectory has us in the pocket.

  6. Great review Dieter! I’m definitely going to consider this for work to take notes on. I currently use my iPad Pro but with the keyboard it’s almost too easy to get work done instead of interacting with people – like you said

    Love your work ✌️

  7. Hey reviewers!
    Forget the "pilots" and "cockpits" out there. Rather, the iPad mini 6 is a blessing for obsessive smartphone users who find themselves annoyingly shortsighted venturing into Tim 'Apple' 's age bracket.
    That's when 13 Max Pros screens and similars suddenly start feeling hazy for no fault of theirs. That's why I've been years on the waiting for the new iPad mini – unknowingly.
    Thanks Tim!
    As for you, reviewers out there, grow out of your confort zones and worn set phrases and try to put yourselves in other's (many) real users' shoes. Reviews possibly would be richer and more credible anyway.

  8. For me it would be perfect for traveling and could even be that perfect phone. May pick one up. I do like the smaller size.

  9. I really like this perspective, thank you! I’m debating getting this as my ‘phone’ or device I carry when I’m sitting at home, then go out with a smaller device.

  10. I'm glad someone else sees this device the same as I do. I love it primarily for reading (news, books, comics) and games, but it's nice that it's capable of other things too.

  11. I love the size for exactly the same reasons as yours! Perfect complement for my old small iPhone 8 and my full computers (like my MacBook Air M1). Use it for all things that is not work or phone calls.

  12. ive had the same thought as yours way back when the first nexus 7 came. I was using my nexus as my main computing machine while my small xperia ray as my telecommunication device. now Im tempted to buy the ipad mini to paired with my 12 mini using the same mindset as before. BTW im also a middle child in my family…


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