Microsoft's new Surface Pro 8 works well with Windows 11

The revamped tablet gets a bigger screen, slimmer stylus and a brand new OS.

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  1. They need to adopt a magnetic keyboard concept to be able to have a sturdy hinge not relying on your lap

  2. You can use the Surface Pro line exclusively as a tablet with no need for a mechanical keyboard. This is what happens when you let isheeps review a superior product, they always find was to bash it.

  3. Love the surface devices, but the prices are just ridiculous. My Pro 4 at least still came with the keyboard

  4. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s so refreshing to see tech you tubers holding and using tablets in portrait orientation.

    It’s like half the population have never held a rectangular magazine, book or piece of A4 paper before in their life and instinctively turn it around in horizontal landscape.

  5. Such a cheaply made low material quality device…and they want a small fortune for this…keyboard is crap, the stand is pitiful and really doesn’t work as it has been engineered to do…I can’t understand anyone wanting it. Try one you will see.

  6. A better OS was the surface always needed. And it has it now. The OS still needs improvement to make Surfaces more compelling.

  7. Idk why but only bridget is the one that could bring joy when hosting something, and CNET should stop doing review, you guys suck at it

  8. After all these years reviewers still don't understand why it's better to separate purchase of keyword and pen. I cut them slack for version 1 but by now anyone should understand that when you upgrade to a new surface pro or buy other surface product it's nice to not have to buy yet another pen and keyboard saving you money. And it's not like adding keyword and pen to your shopping cart is that big of a deal so there is no convience issue when ordering. When reviewers don't understand that it means they haven't really spent much time with surface products. I use my pen on my surface book and surface go. I'm sure if I wanted I could probably use the old pen when I buy this pro 8 or if I opt for the surface go 3 instead where I don't need a new keyboard either.

  9. Still the advantage of not having the type cover included with the Surface Pro is that (YOU) get to choose the color, the language, and the model (with or without the Slim Pen 2) that (YOU) want or that (YOU) don't want ; so thanks Microsoft for allowing us to choose all this!!

  10. i really think that the apparently obligatory complaint about the keyboard not being included is silly. First, including the keyboard would increase the price. Second, bemoaning the fact that without the keyboard, it's "just a windows tablet" is complaining about versatility, not lack of functionality. You can add a keyboard to the surface pro. You cannot subtract a keyboard from the a standard laptop. Third, some people prefer to use a keyboard in portrait orientation, which the clip on keyboard is not capable of doing. I use a bluetooth keyboard, and a tablet stand, with the SP in portrait mode. My complaint — and i wish others would join me — is that the kickstand does not allow for portrait orientation. That would be SO easy to engineer. Maybe for the SP 9.

  11. Thunderbolt 4 and high refresh rate screen? did that even get mentioned in this review? those are huge additions..

  12. You really did not say much of anything that we don't already know from Microsoft's commercials, sheesh. How about trying to do somewhat of a mini review, you basically covered absolutely NOTHING AT ALL, terrible.

  13. Looking like the guy that is always judging me with their eyes. Sorry just the paranoid in me.

  14. I do Agree with CNet that the Type Cover Keyboard & the Slim Pen 2 Should be Included in the Purchase of this Device.

  15. From a support standpoint and being someone that provides hardware support of laptops to users within another business, there's a concern that consumers should be aware of when considering the purchase of the Surface Pro 8. Two years ago, Computer World's web site posted an article titled, "Surface support shrivels as battery, driver, update problems persist." It details a history of poor hardware support from Microsoft regarding various confirmed hardware-related issues that came up with earlier Surface devices (even as recent as the Surface Pro 6 at the time of the article). Some of those issues came up as a result of irreversible firmware updates. There was a common thread regarding Microsoft's response to these issues. Either they would ignore the issues completely, or they would publicly acknowledge them, inform customers that they're looking into them, but not come up with a viable solution. It's not beyond possibility that the same thing can happen with the Surface Pro 8. So in light of how much these units cost, if you're considering the purchase of a Surface Pro 8, I would strongly recommend that you first look up the referenced article online and take into account what it says beforehand.

  16. Ackerman made his regular complaint about the keyboard not being included, so I'll make my regular response to him that Microsoft sells the product like this so its resellers can create bundles and create unique "systems." Costco regularly does this at least in the US and I have seen temporary bundles at Best Buy and other retailers too. With the Pro 8 not being backward compatible with older keyboards, there will probably be more such bundles in the months ahead.

  17. I like a separate keyboard because it let's me pick the color I like (though it seems like Microsoft has reduced the number of choices)

  18. For me this is what it boils down to: the macbooks don't have touchscreens and windows computers do. macOS is great, windows 10 is good too, the software isn't an issue, it's all down to that touchscreen. If the macbooks had a touchscreen, i would get the macbook

  19. Looks nice, great improvement for keyboard with a place for a surface pen and screen over the Surface Pro 7. Definitely agree, that it doesn't make too much sense without the keyboard though because it weights too much to be used comfortable as a tablet (I don't feel that detaching keyboard change anything WRT to weight, so it easier to use for me with a keyboard connected).

  20. Wish these had proper support for running linux. I guess it's understandable that microsoft wants people to run windows, but there are few comparable modern products, so it's frustrating to be restricted.

  21. As long as you don't use your lap as a desk too often, you can use any bluetooth keyboard with it. $30 Logitech is great. So I would say, without Microsoft keyboard cover, it is still totally usable.

  22. No keyboard in the box mean I will only buy this thing when it will get discounted, like after Christmas, which it will be based on what microsoft has done with the pro 7. Otherwjse I will keep my macbook air m1 until they discount it.

  23. Why does everyone single tech reviewer on cnet and the verge look like an out of shape boomer hipster combo?

  24. Does anyone know the topic of this video?
    How bad are the previous generations of Surface Pro?

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