SpaceX makes history with successful launch of first all-civilian crew to orbit Earth

SpaceX has launched four amateurs on a private flight to circle Earth for three days. It’s the first time a rocket has streaked toward orbit with no professional astronauts on board. Former astronaut Garrett Resiman, who is also a senior advisor at SpaceX and a professor of astronautical engineering at USC, joins CBSN’s Lana Zak to describe the launch.

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  1. The first all civilian space flight took place on June 16, 1963 when Valentina Tereshkova a textile factory worker and an amateur skydiver became the first civilian/ non military person to not only fly in space, but she was also the first and only woman to fly solo in space, the first woman to pilot a spacecraft, the first woman to command a spacecraft and she is also still the youngest at 26 years of age.

  2. Yep. Cuz that's important to spend all of that money launching into space instead of helping and investing the money needed on this planet…twisted!

  3. This is the real space in 3 days to orbit not like bezo and branson which lasted 10 seconds non gravity.

  4. I hate main stream media, their more like parrots, but I love SpaceX, so thumbs up, but no subscription. By the way Elon, please don't get to entangled with the CCP. They want you on their side, because they're dullards.

  5. This would be ok if it weren't at the expense to the tune of 5 billion of tax payers money. When Spacex pays back the investment of the tax payer should the rich kids be able to pay to fly and only then they should pay 55 million a head like we do to send people to the ISS. This is just wrong all the way around.

  6. Soon this stop. Its just a matter of time till a rocket explodes, the people will die and the projects are down for decades. Same happened with NASA.. It will happen here too. They say at NASA that one at 10 rockets fails. Of course i dont hope it for the people, but it is a matter of time.. People will die because this is very very dangerous and these projects stop for several years.

  7. Something just don't seem right I mean the second stage rocket with everybody on it is doing what over a thousand mile an hour and I'm looking at two black trash bags wrapped around something I mean they must be hefty hefty…

  8. Uh, ya none of the television networks including Public Broadcasting
    played this over the air antenna real time. Those of without cable were
    left out in the cold on this one.

  9. Space stunt(s) waste money much like Afghanistan war, benefit to the wealthy only. Did everyone forget ? Monkeys , canines and other mammals have been sent to space since the 50s.

  10. this is awesome i love improvements like this, "Great view" Garrett Resiman is indeed a good gentleman.
    i love the explanation, i wish people like him will be in all sectors.

  11. All that pollution. Where's the whiney democrats and liberals? This is something they should be crying over…but are not

  12. Maybe next time you might reposition the CBS logo and text box below which are totally obscuring the telemetry data!

  13. Beautiful moment in human history. We're all on the same team. Start to treat people correctly. No more wars. Look out for the kids and be a good person.

  14. Congratulations!!! To the Inspiration4, to all the fine people at SpaceX, and to Elon Musk. Mr. Musk and SpaceX will have many pages in the history of human space exploration, this will be one of them! Well done, team!

  15. Phenomenal display of science.
    Just great work.
    This is so important for reasons.
    Thank you for doing this because

  16. Maybe this is elon promoting his simulation theory? The video does not make a compelling case for the title

  17. Wow when I was a kid I always dreamed of going to space, but got older and realised I’m too dumb to be an astronaut and plus my country doesn’t even have a space programme lol buut now In the near future all you will need is money, and by the time I hit retirement (im 29 now) and hopefully a “dramatic” price reduction in cost of going to space (which has already decreased significantly over the last couple decades thanks to companies like space x) it is unlikely but very much POSSIBLE! That I could go to space in my lifetime! What a time to be alive! 🚀 ✨

  18. Why do all these camera views suck why don't they ever have a camera that looks around or looks back at the Earth

  19. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕!

  20. You can not leave TMH God’s earth; Especially getting pass the “Firmament,” Yahawa built around this flat earth…. NASA knows that we live on a (plane) which means flat… that’s why the rocket didn’t continue going straight up, it curved to the right side of view to land elsewhere around a secret location!!!
    Mark Twain is the CLOWN 🤡 that said that the earth is round like a ball ⚽️ and you CLOWNS today still believes It…..Smdh 🙃

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