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Teslas Sold Out Until 2022, Cybertruck Patents, Supercharging Bans, Plaid Details from Doug Demuro and Rich Rebuilds, Model Y in Europe, and More!

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► 2021 BEST Model Y Accessories:

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► Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
► My Favorite Tesla Model Y Accessories:
► Jeda Dock & Charging Pad:
► Teslacam by Pure Tesla:

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► GoPro Max 360 Camera:
► The Camera I Use:
► Camera Cage I Use:
► My B-Camera:
► My Favorite Lens:
► 28mm Lens:

► How I Film Drone Shots:
► The Gimbal I Use:
► How I Record Audio:
► Shotgun Mic I Use:
► Lapel Mic I Use:
► Tripod I Use:
► Favorite Video Light:

Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
#1: 2 Bucket Wash Kit:
#2: Green Works Pressure Washer:
Foam Cannon:

#3: Tezlab:
#4: Speed Wipe by Chemical Guys:
Soft Microfiber Towels:
Inner Clean Interior Cleaner:
After Wash Waterspot Remover:
VRP Wheel and Vinyl Protector:

#5: All Weather Floor Mats by 3D Maxpider:
#6: Elon Accessories Screen Protector:

Abstract Ocean Screen Protector:
#7: Teslacam 500GB SSD:
Teslacam USB:
Samsung 500GB SSD:

#8: Jeda Dock/Hub:
#9: Quick Bandit Front License Plate Mount:
#10: Interior Console Wrap Bundle:
Front Console Wrap Only:

#11: J1772 Charger Lock:
#12: Tesla NEMA Adapters:
#13: Power Inverter for 12V:
#14: Steering Wheel Tray:
#15: Model Y Tow Hitch:

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  1. Ryan I want to buy a “Y” with the new 4680 battery pack. Any idea when I can do that? I live in Toronto!

  2. Ryan – question for you. If I order a model Y or 3 now and put a down payment and take delivery next year 2022, and if Congress approve the new fed incentive for all EV in 2022, will the car qualify for the incentive? Or is the down payment considered a 2021 purchase? Thanks for the advice.

  3. The cheapest 1 cost more than 40k, no engine, transmission and no spare tire, when you close the door sound like a old cars, no wonder when you driving in hw you still hear more noises. What else…more cheapest parts are making in China

  4. Some errors. Tesla order fee $250 and cancellation will cost you more as noted in their purchase agreement. It isn't just cancel and eat $250

  5. The price has gone up to 250$ to hold your place in getting a Tesla 3 and has been pushed to March for orders as of 5 days ago.

  6. Hi Ryan, I'm not sure what do you mean by "keep your order and delay delivery until whenever you need". How does this work? I want to order one Y, but it gets pushing back to April. In addition, price going up 2k from middle of 2021. Should I put an order now to prevent further price increasing? Thank you, love your channel

  7. Naw I am waiting for the cyber truck. The cyber truck can make that money back and tow a RV with solar for free charging and off grid.

  8. The problem is the administration is beholden to unions that they want to punish Tesla. Add supply chain issue and 2022 will be a tough year.

  9. Placed my order for my Y last month. Tesla said January 2022. I went ahead and opted for Tesla finance. Got approved and my delivery date got pushed up to ending of next month. The sales rep said it’ll put me ahead of people who don’t finance and just places the order.

  10. Ordered mine august 26, first it said my order would be read December 5 – January 6 now it’s says November 5 – December 6 😅

  11. I’m confused, why don’t you mention everything Doug said about the vehicle? He started off by knocking the quality then taking it for a drive and was impressed with the acceleration. Tell the whole story, not just the positives. Transparency.

  12. If you put your order now, do we still get the tax rebate when is deliver next year 2022 ?

    For US is the rebate $7500 or $12000 ?

  13. Hi there Ryan. What does that mean you can delay delivery, can one delay their order a day or a week or longer? If one delays delivery of their car, will another car be offered later? Thank you


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