DJI Drones Flight Experience With iPad Mini 6 and iPhone 13 Pro Max

In this video, we are testing out the display and flight experience using Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPad Mini 6 while flying DJI drones such as the DJI Air 2S and DJI Mini 2. Sometimes when new hardware and new operating systems are launched existing apps do not behave as intended or expected. If you are wondering if your new iPhone 13 or iPad Mini 6 can use the DJI Fly App with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 installed without issue…rest assure everything appears to work as intended with my testing.

DJI Tablet Mount (USA)
DJI Tablet Mount (CAN)

iPad Mini Extension (USA)
iPad Mini Extension (CAN)

Extended Drone Cable (USA)
Extended Drone Cable (CAN)

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  1. This is like the only YouTube video using iPad mini 6 on drone mount….thank you so much for making this video!!!

  2. You forgot showing that DJI Fly app don't fully fills the iPad Mini 6 screen yet (maybe in a next release?), so you get 2 extra black bars (more noticeable in photo mode). About the visibility better buy a Hoodman Drone Aviator Hood Kit, seems to fits the mini 6 as well

  3. Great reviews and informative as usual Shawn. What about the charging options for IOS on DJI Fly app with the particular iPad Mini 6 since it using USB-C connector port? Is it any differents?

  4. Good review…. as a drone pilot(MVA2) I was very excited to replace my old mini with the new one !! I bought it and returned it the next day. The screen is not just not bright enough,even in moderate sunlight. It needs to be at least twice as bright, the new 12.9 inch pro is the only ipad screen bright enough to really do the job properly. Trpltech makes a good bright screen but the tablet itself is both outdated,EXPENSIVE and a one trick poney. The Crystal Sky doesn't work with many drones and does not offer anything other than a bright display…. at a huge cost. The new smart controllers screen is to small and doesn't perform as well as the stock controller…and expensive !!

  5. Great video!! After flying more on the IPhone 13 have you noticed it over heating? I got the 12 Pro Max and it overheats quickly but if they fixed it on the 13 I’ll probably upgrade. Thanks for the insight!!

  6. My iPhone goes dim in the slightest heat. It’s very annoying and can really ruin your day and maybe even cause an accident. Does the iPad Mini do this dimming thing? I have a mini 5 and it has not dimmed on me, but I have not used it a lot for flying.

  7. How about an editing video for iPad Mini 6 and insta360 One R. I don’t see any 360 videos with iPads. I only see videos on editing with laptop software or on phones.

  8. Both new iPhone 13 and iPad mini 6 look like great new devices. It's just a shame they didn't screen any brighter on the new iPad mini. Great review Shawn.

  9. Buy coincidence today I took my remote controller off my mavic 2 zoom to the Apple shop in Brisbane Australia to see if the new mini iPad 6 did fit ok of course no problem at all so all I have to do now is find a new connecting cable from the drone to the mini iPad 6

  10. Great video! Looking to upgrade my Air 2s to exact combo with the Mini 6. Did you get a wifi only or a cellular version of the Mini? If you had wifi only, were there many issues? Never flown with a tablet before!

  11. I have the ipad mini 5 is the experience in flying a night and day difference or a must have or not so much?

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