The brick-and-mortar machine Nokia 6310, which has been around for 20 years, is resurrected!Compared with the appearance of the old machine, there are these 4 differences-Free News 3C Technology

The 20-year-old Nokia 6310 feature phone has been officially released with a new re-enacted version. The screen has been upgraded to 2.8-inch color, the back is equipped with a camera to take pictures, and the signature snake game and FM radio are built-in. The Nokia 6310 mobile phone will be the first to go on sale in the UK at a price of 59.99 pounds (about NT$2,309), which is the first to go on sale in the UK. (Photo taken from Nokia’s official website)

Following the advent of the classic Nokia 3310 re-enactment version, another Nokia 6310, known as the “brick magic machine”, is resurrected this year because of its super resistance to falling and firmness comparable to bricks!

HMD Global, authorized by the Nokia mobile phone brand, recently officially announced the launch of the Nokia 6310 2G re-engraved version of the classic design. This classic feature phone that has been around for 20 years has once again evoked the passionate memories of many old fans. It is the first to go on sale in the UK at a price of 59.99 pounds (approximately NT$2,309). The fuselage is available in black, yellow, and blue colors. The phone is equipped with a Symbian 30+ operating system, a built-in removable battery with a capacity of 1150 mAh, and two GSM SIM cards can be inserted. The official said it can provide up to 19.45 hours of talk life; the standby time can be up to 21.7 days.

The newly released Nokia 6310 replica still retains the traditional digital button design, and features the classic snake game, 3.5mm headphone jack and FM wireless radio. However, the overall appearance of the body has been injected by HMD Global. The refurbished elements and upgrades are slightly different from the old machine 20 years ago. There are four main differences:

The picture on the left shows the Nokia 6310 feature phone launched in 2001. The picture on the right shows the re-engraved version of Nokia 6310 in 2021. The screen size has been upgraded and the button layout has been adjusted and improved. (Picture turned over from Nokia)

1. Curved screen surface and larger display area: The screen size of the mobile phone is upgraded to 2.8-inch color (originally 1.8-inch black and white), and both sides of the screen are replaced with curved design elements.

2. The body has become wider and the earpiece opening has been flattened: In response to the increase and upgrade of the screen size, the width of the phone has also increased. The original opening shape of the traditional handset above the top of the machine has now been replaced with a flat shape, which has become a more concise and modern style.

3. Button configuration and shape: The semi-circular up and down buttons at the bottom of the screen were originally adjusted in the 4G version. Five-way navigation buttons are used instead, and independent function buttons (left and right menu switching, answering and hanging Power off), the overall button layout has become more compact and refreshing. In addition, the traditional digital keys are also replaced with an elliptical shape, and the key area is enlarged to improve the overall control comfort.

4. There is a 300,000-pixel camera function on the back of the machine, and a flash is set.

At present, only the re-enacted version of the Nokia 6310 is the first to be launched in the UK. As for which countries will be sold in the future, no further official news has been released.

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