Downgrading from OS 3.0 & Fixing the itunes 1600 error!

This video will walk you through fixing the itunes 1600 error as well as teach how to downgrade from os 3.0 top iphone os 2.2.1. Remember to visit if you need any assistance please send an AIM message to NerdSupport.

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  1. @drakecool2k Wow I eventually sold the iPhone ! 😀 Bought a used iPhone on eBay & it has problems now & is very laggy due to upgrading to OS 4. 🙁

  2. @swaGa1nRz Same here ! Stupid Quickpwn & Winpwn can't freaking read my 2.0.2 firmware !!! :@@@ I've researched how to fix error 1600 for 2 whole weeks now & no luck. I HATE APPLE !!! ARGHHH !!! >:/

  3. That's what happens when you restore an iphone. It's supposed to do that. Is it good? No because it means that if you don't have an iphone plan and you have 3.1 or higher you won't be able to use your iphone anymore unless you activate an iphone plan with att. It sucks!

  4. I was getting the 1600 error jailbreaking 3.1. I used this video to upgrade to 3.1 custom firmware. Thanks!!!

    P.S. Also make sure you start up Itunes pretty quick after the phone goes white and you unplug it.

  5. Thanks man, I was getting the 1600 error when trying to downgrade from 3.1 to 2.2.1, but you solved this for me.

  6. Did you make sure that the 2.0.2 firmware that you are using belongs to what ever iphone you are using exp. 2g or 3g.

  7. when using quickpawn, the firmware I have to choose is 3.0, right? but quickpawn is saying not supported

  8. thanks allot man been trying to downgrade for hours now had 2.2.1 for a long time to keep my phone pwnd had a buddy ask me to hack his 3.0 being a dummy decided to do it on my phone first not a good idea lol andyways was having problems sending text i would have to clear all receved messages in the convorsation be for i could send out messages you herd of that problem b 4?

  9. I have no idea what I'm doing my iphone has the boot logo and when I try to restore using itunes won't let me keeps saying error 1600 HELP!!!!!!

  10. When you create your custom firmware in PwnageTool, and it asks you if you PWNED your phone before, say NO (even if you have), and PwnageTool will guide you through putting the phone in DFU mode. Then Restore with itunes normally. You should also consider downgrading to itunes 8.0

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