*MAMOSWINE RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED!* Full Gameplay Breakdown! #PokemonUnite

Mamoswine officially confirmed for September 29th in next weeks update!
This new Defender brings something super unique to the game!
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A Pokemon Unite update video discussing the newest launch, Mamoswine, coming on September 29th. Mamoswine is a defender character that looks to be insanely powerful with tons of CC and stuns, but will his lv10 evolution hold him back from being a meta pick?
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  1. Feeling super under the weather but excited for the Ice Storm Mamoswine is bringing next week!
    What do you think of the newest Defender, Mamoswine?
    LIKE and SUBSCRIBE plz =]

  2. So supposedly, mamoswine can make your enemies score slower!

    Thick FatEvery time the Pokémon deals damage, its Defense and Sp. Def are increased for a short time (up to three times). When the Pokémon uses Ice Shard, Icicle Crash or Ice Fang, its next basic attack becomes a boosted attack. In addition, if any of these moves creates a freezing area of effect inside an ally goal zone, it decreases the goal-scoring speed of opposing Pokémon inside that goal zone

  3. The game isn't balance at all because there are so many cc skills in just one Pokemon. Defender Pokemon should have 1 cc skill only and the rest could be self or team buff. That's too OP

  4. Don't forget adrive streamed on the twitch protest day but circle jerked it with his audience about the issue to just get donos.

  5. Mamoswine looks cool in Pokemon unite so strong but I wonder when is Sylveon going to be released I want to use it. Also swinub looks so cute and I hope you feel better.

  6. Sorry to hear your team member Moo flaked on you in the tournament today. Hope to see team shiny taking on other tourneys soon!

  7. I woke up after having a dream that mammo was coming before sylveon, and I prayed that it wasnt real, turned on my tablet, and saw the most dissapointing thing ever. Mammoswine releases on 9/29/21. Disgraceful.

  8. Mammoswine is now my least favorite pokemon. They should have added sylveon first. This is the worst day of my life by far because now I have to wait at least 2 weeks for sylveon. At Least. I call bs. I hate mammoswine, and I wont be buying it. I hope it gets delayed and sylveon releases first.

  9. Are there any pokemon types missing in Unite? I feel like they covered all of them. Ground? Nope garchomp lol

    Omg totally forgot Mamoswine is also Ground too lol

  10. They need to nerf ninetails it constantly freezing you is bs now were getting a another ice type geez

  11. Honestly, i'm more hype for sylveon bit who knows. I do like control playstyle so maybe he might be my unexpected fave when i got may hands on him

  12. As a garchomp main the slow evolving phase of mamoswine doenst concern me at all he seems even better then gible, gabaite in the earlyer stages!

  13. I have 5800 aeos coins now . I will not get anymore aeos coins till 27 or 26 . I will play asap and get all 2k aeos coins . But still I have a doubt I mean should I buy or wait for Sylveon or should I buy any other pokemon.

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