Windows 11 Android Apps First Look

Windows 11 didn’t ship with Android apps support, but a preview is now available. Tom Warren gets a first look at how Android apps run on Windows 11.

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  1. What was the sound app Tom used to toggle the levels? That looked third party and it's what I need

  2. Good video but Would've liked to see if apps can be sideloaded. I AM on the beta channel though so I'll check it out for myself.

  3. What will happen if I download and try to install Google Play apk ? 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤭

  4. Do You Know What Happens When You Install The Google Play Framework, Services, And The Store Right Into Windows 11?

  5. In Samsung Dex if you resize you have to restart the app as well. That's not a bug really and would be something for Google to improve, not MS.

  6. I have the Surface Laptop Studio in the Beta Program but I still get an error when I try to load the Amazon Appstore in the Windows Store. Not sure what's going on…

  7. Interesting if Android VM passes Google Play Protect and how apps with Google Play Services dependency will work.

  8. Can you stop flexing for 1 second my dude? We got it, you have the best system in the entire planet

  9. the game restarting on window resize is not a WSA/Windows specific thing. the same thing happens with many apps when using the resizable windows feature on a samsung android phone. some apps don't support window resizing well even in native android.

  10. How many times does he say "obviously" or "basically" when describing a preview or showing off something? How did this video pass Verge approval? Couldn't finish as it's EXTREMELY off-putting. 👎🏾

  11. it doesn’t have the genuine Google PlayStore so the Android apps are prolly gonna be bad there 😂

  12. was the focus so much on games here because that's juat what's available right now? cause who'd want to play these crappy android games on a desktop? masochists?

  13. The video is of terrible quality. Speaker is obviously half asleep and almost talking to himself with half gibberish and making things super confusing to follow and understand.

  14. firstly microsoft encouraged developers to develop for windows but failed.
    then they created a porting software and that failed too
    finally they brought the android apps compatibility, a strategy they should have started with. platform or os developers should make the life easy for app developers instead of asking them to create multiple versions of same app. Although microsoft is very late for the party I hope they make it.

  15. I kinda get the MS vision now, be an application a native ARM, Android app, or x64/x86 it will run on windows (11). Apple are the complete opposite, native preferred until developers port everything to ARM, so heavy optimisations for native code. Windows = run anything from 1995 onward.

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