Price reduction with mobile phone! Sony announced that some Xperia 10 III channels will cancel the included charger

(Photo source/photographed by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

According to a foreign media “GSM Arena” report, in recent years, it has become more and more common for mobile phone manufacturers not to include chargers randomly. After Samsung, Sony will not include chargers in the box of mobile phones. You must purchase them separately. .

It is understood that Sony has announced that its Xperia 10 III mobile phone will not come with an additional charger in the charging box, but it will lower the recommended price. Sony’s branch in Germany pointed out that in some retail sales channels in Germany, Xperia 10 III will no longer provide chargers, but its price will also be reduced by 10 Euros (about NT$324).

In addition to Xperia 10 III, Sony officials did not say otherwise that those models of mobile phones will also cancel the included charger, but it is certain that models still on the market in most countries still have a free charger, but this can also be foreseeable in the future. Sony’s Xperia series of new machines may have fewer and fewer opportunities to include a charger.

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