How to use the Google Assistant on an iPhone

A brief overview of how to wake the Google Assistant hands free on an Apple iPhone running iOS 14 as well as some other tips on using the Google Assistant with an iPhone.

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0:00 Intro
0:18 The Google Assistant app
0:51 How to trigger the Assistant
1:05 Wake Google Assistant Hands Free
3:45 Summon Google Assistant with Back Tap

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  1. Amazon Alexa is the best for home automation, it has the most skills.
    Also, Google can't add a device to more than 1 room or group; example: kitchen and family room are adjacent to each other and I want the lights in both room to turn
    off if I say all, as well as independently turning off either room.
    Alexa is inexpensive so I bought 8 to equip every room with Amazon Alexa for voice control so that I can just ask 'turn off the lights' and the echo in that room

    knows to turn off those lights and not other lights in the house.
    Google app's fonts are really really really tiny for my old eyes.
    All 8 of my Amazon Echo devices have a clock… very convenient to tell the time or see a timer's countdown.
    or better sound, I have a few of my Amazon Echo dot 3 with clock output the sound via its 3.5mm headphone jack to my Denon HEOS speakers.

  2. Using the back tap now. Works just how i was hoping it would !!! Thank you so much! Great vid 🙂

  3. Someone (who has both siri and Google on an iphone):


    Siri and Google in tmotn:


  4. Could Siri on Homepod mini run shortcut to summon Google assistant? I'm going to use google Home devices but control with Homepod Mini in my room. I'm an iPhone user. Thank you.

  5. Has anyone found out how we can use the Siri shortcuts feature to use google assistant without unlocking the device?

  6. Please apple bring us the choice to select what assist we want to use, fuck Siri, Siri is to dumb to use…

  7. Maybe someone can answer my question – How to make google assistant process commands from the first device which caught my voice? For example, I have google assistance on two devices – google home and google assistance on my Pixel4xl. And the problem is that if they both are in the same room and I need to ask something for assistance (I say Ok, Google) and two of my devices trying to answer me. Is it possible to set up that only the first device will answer me and not both of them in parallel?

  8. Imagine buying an iPhone and just using it to install all of the android core apps. Why not use siri? oh yeah thats why

  9. Is it me or after doing the steps google assistant doesn't speak out whatever we ask her ? She acts mute to me. Please help

  10. Hey Josh, congrats on 100K subs! I'd love to chat with you about a business opportunity. Do you have an email address that I can contact you at?

  11. Hey Josh, great video. I’ve been using it for some time, using exactly the hints you gave on my iPhone 11 and it works 100%. Hugs from Portugal 🇵🇹

  12. Hello, I like your video very much. Would you like to cooperate with me. Is it convenient to leave an email?

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