Windows 11 Review – OFFICIAL RELEASE

Updated review of Windows 11 as they have fixed a ton of the issues that I had initially. It still has it’s flaws of course, but it had gotten better. I love the UI overall, but this doesn’t seem like a finished project.

00:00 – Introduction
01:14 – Terminal/winget
04:31 – Start Menu
06:45 – Workspaces
07:49 – Store/Explorer
09:20 – Settings
12:22 – General Thoughts
14:08 – Snapping
14:50 – Outro


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  1. Ew, gross windowz…
    Speaking of Windows they fixed the AMD issue after I was done editing. Linux vs. Windows 11 benchmarking video soon!

  2. Is like Windows is trying to be a Linux distro without looking like a Linux distro. The spyware and ads are still there tho.

  3. If my Win10 gets updated to Win11, will it be like a clean install and fix some things in my PC?

  4. Don't use it but some applications are dark themes while other light look bad , it directly will not do anything but user experience get bad by these small things like using all dark theme things and suddenly a light theme application opened , whole experience get bad , I use 10 and Linux different distro , in my window 10 there are so much glitch sometimes brightness auto increase , window shutdown forcefully really I use it because of some college things otherwise I will completely shift to linux distributions

  5. 11 really has nothing to offer right now. I have taskbarx on 10. I haven’t bothered with virtual desktops either, not with 10 or with Linux.

  6. Nice video 🙂 Too bad you didn't mention that much the Linux Subsystem, now you can even run graphical Linux applications it's quite neat.

  7. I find one of the things that frustrates me quite a lot these days is that every vendor seems to have moved away from working toward a stable production version that is feature complete and well tested. They all have this, "we will ship what we have now, and then work on fixing and patching it as we go" approach.

    Playing devils advocate for a moment, this does have an upside: we tend to have a lot more companies trying new things they wouldn't have if it needed a kind of stable, polished version. It would be too much effort and return on investment would negate that they should not waste their time.

    However, too many vendors ship incomplete and buggy software on their release days. Even companies that made it part of their brand not to do so (i.e. early Apple), have done exactly that. iOS and Mac software releases are not all that different from Windows and Android. There are still plenty bugs, and flagship features are not ready. Some features end up actually seeing the light of day several months, or even a year or two later! No wonder we have so many security issues. We are patching and trying to re-engineer solutions mid-flight. I blame the "move fast and break things" approach that Facebook popularized.

  8. Would you recommend Mx linux or endeavoros rather than xfce desktop. Are there better distros with xfce desktop that have a lot of power but also look nice. Thank you for your videos very informative.

  9. I currently use Linux because my laptop (Chrome book that doesn't have good specs) needed a better os.
    I don't mind windows all that much

  10. Great video mate! The only thing I see is how desperate is Microsoft to sell a crapware such as WIndows, as we can all agree! Windows 11 simply imitates some gestures and look of Gnome, the taskbar from Pop Os and other feature from MacOS!

  11. i just use winaero tweaker open shell and old new explorer to make it look like a mix of win 7 8 and 10 and 11 instad of just win 11

  12. Windows 11 has become my favourite OS this year after using macOS for about a decade, which surprised me as much as anyone. After putting just the same amount of effort into fine-tuning as you have to with a Linux DE or MacOS, you get a really pleasant work environment. I have a very capable dev environment in WSL2 inside Windows Terminal, and Power Toys adds a lot of QoL improvements as well. What finally tips the scale for me is that Windows' hardware support just can't be beat.

  13. So, Microsoft basicly gave Windows a paint job, and locked it down even more than before. Nothing new then …
    What i am really curious about is, are there any new or improved features that benefit the traditional desktop pc user, not the corporation ?
    I haven seen any real meaningful innovations since Win XP. Maybe you can surprise me.

  14. Does Win 11 File Explorer have a kbd shortcut for renaming files yet? As far as I can tell, Win 10 doesn't have one. It annoys me.

  15. You're the only reviewer I've watched who has actually mentioned that File Explorer in Win 11 still doesn't have tabs. I use tabs a lot in macOS and in Linux DE's file managers. It's a very important usability and productivity feature for me. It's strange that MS hasn't included this feature in Windows.

  16. For me it feels like as usual with Microsoft things. They take 4 Puzzles mix all pieces together and make on Puzzle out of it with a quarter of all the pieces.
    There is no red line. There is no innovation and it is god damn hungry on the ram. Plus all the MS crap that you have to delete again.

    Since I installed Zorin 16 I didn't touch Windows a single time.
    No Data collection. Everything up to date all the time with one command. No useless, or forced Programs. No freakin updates when turning off or on. No black screen for minutes when starting just because: reasons.

  17. 1. @3:55 No, you are not picky. Thisis just bad design and attntion to detail.
    2. They need to get rid of the search "tab". It is utterly useless. LIke you mentioned integrate it to start button
    3. Seetings panel is by far better than Win10. Needs some finetuning but it is way better. Now if only they could move all the old control panel to settings so you can have everything in one place. Not that it is their own OS or anything 😀

  18. Thank you for not windows bashing like most linux channels are doing, my daily driver is normally win10 but lately 50% of my time is on kubuntu I also like Mac OS, there are things to like on all platforms

  19. Without a doubt Windows has a lot of strong selling points, but all of them are valid only on fresh install. After heavily using Win10 for daily coding/meetings/productivity stuff, the OS somehow just becomes "slow"-ish in 5-6 months, boot time increases from seconds to 1-2 minutes, and then you start tinkering with magic registry cleanup found on the interned by some random guys. Let's just memorize this review and try to give it another shot in 6 months of usage on the same instance. Thanks for the awesome review though, cheers!

  20. A lot of stolen from different linux distro, I personally think Microsoft shot them self in the foot with this because they’ve made the transition from Windows to Linux easy for a lot of People now.🐧

  21. I just want to customize taskbar and lockscreen clock style to my liking..
    I want the start search and task view button on left while leaving all other icons to the centre

  22. My video card in windows 11 does not always start , i used my build n video card on the motherboard and it tells me system resources not free , plz remove stuff to free up system resources. This did not happen with my 4k tv and win 10 but happens with my projector and win 11 i always have to unplug plug cable reboot. win 11 are card?

  23. I don't mind non-Linux OSs, I'm on macOS for work anyway, but Windows 11's UI inconsistencies (old apps not following the device theme) and the terrible UX (the search bar thing is really offensive) kinda shows how sloppy of a job this is, commonplace features seem like an afterthought here. But +1 for less obtuse file explorer and settings menu, Windows 10 was god awful in that respect. The icons and Terminal look beautiful too. Not that excited about Microsoft's privacy issues though.

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