Google Pixel 6 vs 6 Pro – Pick The Right One!

Everyone knows who Google is right? But their phones just haven’t gained the same amount of popularity. They just launched their latest phones, the Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro! These phones are a big step up. From my first impressions, Google’s got a couple of crazy good devices right here. The one question I’ve been getting from friends and a lot of you guys online is should you spend the extra money to get the pro model. They look pretty similar, but after testing both for over a week now, what are the actual day to day differences. Let’s see if I can help!

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  1. I think you hit the nail on this one. While the Pro model is nice for some of the additional it has, $300 extra kinda doesn't warrant it. Plus the boxy design on the Pixel 6 is rather nice too. I think I'll go with the Pixel 6.

  2. What do you and almost every other reviewer mean with "I'm not fond of how the buttons are laid out. The power button NOW sits above the volume buttons."? I have the Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 5 and it's always been this way. Power button on top, volume buttons below it.

  3. I hope they get rid of the curved screen and go for a frosted back next year. I simply refuse curved screens bc you can’t get inexpensive but reliable tempered glass screen protectors that fully adhere to them

  4. Lần đầu tiên em tìm thấy người Việt review Pixel 6. Love how u review <3 How u like Pixel <3 Not too much people in Vietnam know Google phone. Im a big fan of Pixel phone. Now i'll become a big fan of your channel ^^

  5. Wild how different everyone's battery tests seem to be. MKBHD reported roughly 4 hours of SOT while you got 1.5 days! I'd guess reviewers are measuring differently but still, that's a stark difference. Hopefully my results are closer to yours haha. Ordered the 6

  6. This is a great review! I've watched a few reviews on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro from other reviewers, and they sometimes get bogged down in details that no one cares about. She hits all the important things! And I am reviewing this video on my Pixel 6 Pro!

  7. It's such an awesome comparison, I've subbed now to the channel! This video also helped me a lot, I've ordered now the regular Pixel 6.

  8. I always trust her ever since. I'm also quite surprised how affordable they priced this device, I'm actually considering it instead of the 13 pro.

  9. Thanks for addressing the quirky-ness of having a curved screen. Even though I have the Pro on order, it honestly might still bother me enough that I'd switch to the regular 6. I tried out the phone for a bit at the store and the effect the curve has to me feels distracting to the eyes.

  10. So annoying they wont offer 512gb in Canada and even where it is available only in black? Pretty big let down so far after all the hype based on reviews so I am somewhat glad I couldn't pre order lol. Plus i dont think i can go back to a regular phone after being on the fold 3..i barely even look at my Note 20 ultra and S21 ultra. Hoping the pixel fold become a reality

  11. All the reviers got the phones for free so the phone is the best and everything is great…it's all BS they just tell you what you can read on line.

  12. What happens with battery life?? what's true in the end? MKBHD said Pixel 6 Pro has a downside, its battery that lasts 3,5 to 4,5 hours screen on time. Thao says that the battery is super and lasts 1.5-2 days.

  13. How I wish to have any of the 6 series of the Pixel phones, it broke my heart when I heard the price here in our country (Philippines) 🙁 If ever I am gonna get one that would be the best Christmas gift I have ever received in my entire life. I am huge fan of Google Products but sadly aside that I can't afford any of their products is we do not have physical store here in Asia 🙁 I am hoping @Thao Huynh notice me though 🙁

  14. would you upgrade the note 10+ to the pixel pro cuz of the camera or should we wait till the S22 ultra? is it me or does the pixel pro look exactly like the note from the front?

  15. Năm nay GG có chip mới, có sensor camera mới, có pin lớn nhưng có lẽ phải vài cập nhật firmware với app camera vài lần nữa thì mới khai thác hết sức mạnh được

  16. 4:52 – Why do people keep saying that? This button arrangement has been the same on every pixel I've had. I think it was that way even on the Nexus line. It's not new. Pixels have always had that button arrangement.

  17. so lets get some real facts, not saying this video is bad. Lets compare a 6 and 6 pro to a pixel XL, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. and get some real world comparisons, The Pixel XL did 4k 30fps, so whats news ? other than 60 fps? WOW ? some phones these days do 240 fps, and that's two years ago, maybe even 4 yrs ago. Great comparison to modern phones and the like, how bout showing us the difference between older phones. yes people still buy them. BTW, i went from a pixel XL to a Pixel 6 Pro.

  18. Not gonna lie googles hard embargo kinda had a positive for smaller channels. Usually bigger names would drop their reviews before anyone else but I feel I'm now checking out other reviewers whom I would not have paid attention to before, and I'm really happy I am.

  19. Two reviewers that I trust that is good at getting to the point when it comes to reviews and impressions about devices: Thao and Lisa from MobileTechReview.

  20. Thao, as always, thanks for the great reviews. But in your intro, you got the two devices switch… held up the 6 Pro and called it the Pixel 6, and then held up the 6 and called it the Pixel 6 Pro. Sorry, it's my OCD…..

  21. A Pixel 6 with the telephoto would be perfect for my use. Don't care at all about the other Pro features.


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