Android 12 on the Google Pixel 4 XL – Hot Garbage! **Update in Description**

**UPDATE #3 Ok, so there are now several stories on tech sites coming out talking about this. I am absolutely having the issue where face unlock just stops and tells me to clean the sensor and won’t work again until I restart as well as the crashing issues. Seems to be a mixed bag so far of who has a good experience or bad.**

**UPDATE #2 – So I did a fresh install and am still having the same issues. Ones I did not have under Android 11 so I don’t know what to tell you. Some people are having a great experiences, others are sucking wind. I don’t know why the differences.**

** So apparently the difference breaks down to whether you had the beta or not. People coming directly from Android 11 have not had the same level of issue as those of us coming from the 12 beta. I will see if a factory reset does anything.**

I don’t know what your experience has been but mine has been pretty awful. Face unlock issues, app crashes, poor battery life, and hard resets are some of the things I’ve been experiencing with Android 12 on the Pixel 4 XL. Let me know your experience below!

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  1. I have a pixel 4 and my battery life is shocking… Even after doing all I can to save battery life in settings.

  2. You have to wipe the bait and do a clean install….. That will get rid of most of your bugs…. I'm running Android 12 on the pixel 5A…

    I've only experienced about three bugs… All pretty much graphical UI related bugs

  3. You are like the only one that has spoken in this way about the bugs, everyone else saying it's smooth sailing with some bugs. It's good to know how bad it is and so many of the issues they mentioned about battery life with pixel 6 and all you say too just needs updates to fix them.

    You so mad you should probably reset and go back to Android 11.

  4. I uninstalled update on web view and helps alot for many. Not sure it will help you. The problem I have is , I have a second hand 4xl and face unlock worked 1 month. Then the reboot loop would occur. Video would cause crash and now my vibration motor goes haywire. I'm not sure if it's battery or what. Lasts all day but these pixels are great if you get one without the plague of freezes. Etc. That is a QC problem I guess. I still think my last bet it try and install flash from PC to rewrite partitions. If that works great but …so far the phone works 85 percent of the time …I love it but hate it. Hahaha.

  5. My pixel 4 runs great on android 12,the battery seems improved,the screen brightness could be better but at least the battery is better,it was still totally over priced though when it came out,a big regret for me.

  6. I got the 128 gb 4xl got the android 12 update, I've had no problems at all, thinking about upgrading to the pixel 6 pro a bit later. I've had nothing bad to say about the 4xl works great!

  7. Coming from the 3a. A bit buggy, some UI aspects that arent loading correctly, stuff they probably will clean up later on. Battery life isn't too bad, seeming as I'm on a 2 year old battery (getting, at best, 5 and half hrs screen on time with 24 hrs of use, purely on wifi), but it isn't consistent enough, and seemed to have been better on Android 10 if I remember correctly. Standby time is mediocre. Overall performance is improved I think and performs better than android 11. HOWEVER, they never patched the 4k video recording bug for the 3a, where the first few seconds have a choppy framerate. Camera app is still slow as fuck too.

  8. Turning off and restarting randomly. Crashes hard too. Battery won't charge and or read on screen.

  9. i dont have any problem with my pixel 4. I am really liking the update due to the face recognition screen orientation

  10. This is sad I have an iPhone 11 came out the same time as this pixel 4 and runs like it’s brand new. I wanted to grab this as my back up phone (because I love the design) but it running like this makes no sense especially with the high end processor it’s lazy optimization and them wanting you to upgrade smh

  11. Updated on my 4xl and later that day dropped the phone. As result, it started showing question mark on the battery icon, also saying that battery meter is not working. Anyways did a little research and found that after many drops (small or big), battery connector gets fractured. You gotta replace the battery. Did it myself, very easy. Took maybe under 10 minutes with right tools.
    As for Android 12, it works great! Fast and no glitches so far. With new battery, this phone feels snappy with this update. 👍

  12. I updated my Pixel 4 XL to Android 12 a few days ago, but I'm having absolutely functionality zero issues. I ran it for a few days and then did a clean install yesterday, because "System" was taking up 21 GB, now it's taking up 12 GB. I'm sure a factory reset would've done the same thing though, and I'm sure System usage will go back up again later on.

    I also have a Pixel 3XL I was updated to Android 12. Apps on that phone open a little slower than they used to, but that phone has a lot of stuff on it (every week I'm deleting files to keep the phone usable). But other than the apps taking a bit longer to load, which I honestly is in a big deal (maybe an extra 2-3 seconds), I don't have any other complaints.

  13. I did install it from my pixel 4a to Android 12 stable version I have no issues what's so ever. Because I downgrade mine to Android 11 on October 5th 2021.

  14. Right after I have updated to android 12 the OS can't read my battery properly. I already had to change my battery because of this bug, and now not even a year old new battery I'm getting this bug again. After this shit I'm going to iPhone, I'm tired of this shit.

  15. i will be honest i upgraded to android 12 on my pixel 4 sadly it crashes alot when i use 2 apps same time using split screen option it is ridiculously laggy try it ur self and battery became weaker one last thing and u can put it to test ram management became funny i exit app and go back all lost honestly google ! i will downgrade

  16. The UI is a major downgrade. I wish I could revert back. I can't believe that anyone likes it. It's horrible.

  17. I have no problems at all my Pixel 4 xl after I upgrade directly from Android 11. I never use beta version of Android 12.

  18. I'm going to keep my 4XL on 11, is this some way to stop the requests for upgrade constantly showing up in notifications?

  19. Staying on 11 after I tried 12. It was a mess on the 3a. Nothing was user friendly and it bugged too much. Even after going back to 11 it bugs now with sound, Google fucked their hardware and software up. My last pixels. 3a and 3.

  20. I'm not that impressed with Android updates in general. I've lost count of how many times upgrading has made phones worse. I upgraded my s10e and battery life became bad. Got new battery. No improvement. That was 40 quid I needn't have spent. I traded it for an galaxy A41 because I was so fed up of it. Then I upgraded that to Android 11 and was shocked my battery life was barely any better than the s10e. Luckily it let me downgrade to 10. Sadly I couldn't downgrade the s10e to Android 10 due to wrong bootloader version. So that phone went from brilliant to unreliable. I'm going to stick with Android 10 on A41. But before that z3 compact ruined from 4.4 to 5. LG G3 ruined from 5 to 7. Galaxy s7 ruined by 6 to 7. Pixel 4a ruined by 10 to 11 (overheated), and Huawei p20 pro ruined by 8.1 to 9 to 10 (worse camera). Thinking about this has there been a phone when upgrading Android has made it better? It's optimised for its initial Android version.

  21. Updated on first day, on my pixel 4. No issues working perfectly. If coming from beta could be an issue.

  22. All of these versions of stock Android, and the built-in "Music-FX" equalizer app never, I mean NEVER gets updated at all. WTF….all of the Research and development in updating the screen, camera, and software, and nothing for the audio at all??? I don't get it….

  23. Updated my pixel 4 xl and the issue with the auto brightness is spot on. This really makes me skeptical about the bugs we are going to uncover in pixel 6 and android 12. Fingers crossed.

  24. Hola Steve. Yo actualice mi Pixel 4 y la verdad es q lo estoy sintiendo excelente. Incluso la batería mejoro, sobretodo en stand by. Solo una vez me saco de una app pero, nada más. Gracias por el video. Espero q sigas subiendo la información de como avanza.

  25. Anyone update a 4a 5g to Android 12 yet from 11? I was holding off for a little while just in case something like this came up. Same with Windows 11 on the PC 😉

  26. I think you need to buy another Pixel 4 and just update from Android 11 and not update from beta Android 12.

  27. You had all these problems and never once thought to yourself that maybe you ballzed it up?? You clearly have something else going on. I would do a factory reset but haven't heard anyone else complaining about even a single one of the issues you are talking about and I am running android 12 on a pixel 3.

  28. 4XL here as well. Went through the whole beta program and updated to 'official' release and I gotta say it feels like it's still in the beta stage! Seriously, features are missing that were in beta 5, had to join the google app beta just to get the new clock widgets and cant even change the clock face like alot of people can, from what I hear. Certain apps open then crash 5 seconds later. and there's plenty of other quirks and bugs that just scream half baked! It's a total mess.

  29. Google assistant doesn't work with the update. Multitasking is so buggy it hard crashes the phone…

  30. I have the Pixel 4XL and it works perfectly with the Android 12!! I love it!! It's a beautiful OS on the Pixel 4XL


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