The New Budget HP Chromebook!

HP recently launched its entry level Chromebook, the HP Chromebook 11a in India. The Chrome OS laptop is aimed at students for online studies and general browsing workflows.

In this video, we take a look at the HP Chromebook 11a, it’s performance for multi-tasking, battery life, and what Chrome OS offers. Check out the video to find out if the HP Chromebook 11a is the budget Chrome OS laptop for students.

HP Chromebook 11A on Flipkart:

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  1. I am a post graduate student and my laptop just got stolen, my budget is low I am not able to buy a laptop that can flip like a chrome book. Please tell me should I get a chrome book.

  2. Chromebooks are garbage for Indian market. Why ? They're versatile, but they're priced in dollars & u can get a fully furnished laptop priced in rupees with more ports by adding just 3-5k ! See its just like iPhone /Pixel, all these fake devices are priced in dollars & then dumped in India..