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Intel’s long-awaited Alder Lake is finally here – But can 12th-gen Core really slow AMD’s momentum, or is it just another power-hungry processor in a long line of desperation CPUs?

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0:00 Intro
1:06 Intel’s special sauce
1:50 A note about Windows 11 and test setup
2:43 Gaming results
4:56 Productivity results
6:59 Did Intel cheat?
7:46 Power consumption
8:55 Thermal performance – Intel’s still selling space heaters
10:27 Value and conclusion – 12600K > 12900K

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  1. A note on Ryzen on Windows 11: We did not experience the CPU-swap performance degradation bug in our testing. Our Ryzen bench was running a fresh install with the patch and chipset driver from the get-go; It was actually geared for Windows 10 if we couldn't get the patch + driver in time for testing, and wiped for the fresh install once they became available. -AY

  2. I like intel, dont get me wrong, especially their lower end chips make for amazing home cinema builds. The big little stuff is very interesting too!

    But, my enthusiasm is tempered for now. 12th gen is beating last gen ryzen, but by an incremental step with a new, expensive, and dodgy platform.
    The best intel chip to buy is 13th gen, when the platform is refined and platform prices is lower. And when that drops you bet Ill be looking into an i3 with all the e cores for a nice home cinema setup!

    Also, doesnt the i5 obsolete the value proposition of the i7 and i9 for gamers?
    Yes that sounds weird but, I got an r9 5900x so I can keep stuff running in the background without a hiccup. the E-cores basically smoothes everything out, so an i5 has the spare cores now for multitasking. Why get an i9 or i7 when you have ''all the cores you need'' for gaming, and anything running in the background will be handled by the e cores, something that was often passed over by using a clean test bench.

  3. Gen 12 motherboard prices are INSANE so much for price performance….. what about intel security issues and lack of ECC ram support?

  4. The 12th gen Intel can barely out perform AMD but it needs over 200w to do it while the AMD processors are running 125w. What if you get the AMD processors up past 200w? Performance per watt, it still doesn't look like Intel is doing so well. Its like when someone overclocks a last gen CPU to make it look like its keeping up with a current gen cpu.

  5. how much did intel pay you to pretend to be this excited over mild generational improvements? at least intel is doing something now, but holy shit this is a stopgap improvement at best.

  6. But if comparing on a Windows 11 testing doesn't give benefits to AMD due to cache latency not fair for them. Also DDR5 according to u has slower performance as compared to current gen DDR4. Any explanation Linus?

  7. No matter how efficient the air-based HSF, it is unlikely to possess the thermal reservoir of a water cooled system. In addition, by outsourcing the radiator to whatever size you can fit in your case (versus a HSF's 'fit in the motherboard') the heat transfer area of water cooled systems are usually greater and potentially 5 to 10x greater.

  8. Seems like the power draw being significantly higher means this technology not really viable for servers and cloud computing applications as is much less efficient per watt… I'm waiting for this new foundry to be built, i reckon next two gens of intel are gonna be hot!

  9. I was lucky as I snagged a 360mm Be Quiet water cooler for only $130 from Canada Computers. It was one of the last four units they have in stock.

  10. The fail copy version of AMD threadripper CPU. "If we cannot make small with more core CPU, make it bigger" – Intel CEO =))
    Just imagine AMD next gen CPU with bigger socket and all "high performance" core

  11. I don't get why people are claiming the power testing on the i9 is "unrealistic"
    The i9 was originally billed as a threadripper competitor, and meant for home workstation tasks, it's not really a "gaming" chip
    a full blender render is hardly the hardest thing you can throw at it. it's 100% a real world workload

  12. I'm not sure why all the reviewers are using benchmarks. Intel doesn't believe in benchmarks, just real world performance. 😳

  13. You didn't run AMD on the crosshair dark hero nor the extreme board, but you did with the Intel, why? Especially with overclocking would have made a tremendous difference?

  14. My furnace neeeds replacing, I was going to get a heat pump, but now thinking I will get the new Intel chip

  15. Good on Intel, finally doing something intereseting.. Still not going to support intel though, and not going to buy a whole new motherboard, ram and CPU for the improvements.

  16. Intel should not call them "high-efficiency cores" but rather "low-surface cores." The real goal of these cores is to increase multicore with little silicon cost, distributing workloads asymmetrically. calling them E-core gives a false idea that the processor is low power

  17. You do realize that most people today can't afford these products that you advertise for big corp. I live in Arkansas, ( Try making $9 a hour and buying yourself a gaming computer today…) and with the economy today and the last 2 years most can't or will not get into their pockets for INTEL, MS, or AMD be it CPU's or GPU's. The only way I could afford today's tech if someone gave it to me, because even used the prices are so STUPID… I would have thought by now that the robots would have already be making most of the electronics that are made today. This Covid thing is a (BIG BUSINESS THING) and is going to be here for sometime. Stop being greedy US and World and get back to work before the robots do take over.

  18. Current amazon prices: Intel Core i9-12900K $1064 AMD Ryzen 5950x $744. so…like 30% increase in price for a 10% gain? Same goes for the lower processors….why is he not pointing this out? a 30% cost increase for a 10% boost in performance is total crap. So what if you got the lead…if it costs more than it's worth…it's not worth it.

  19. The i5 is the way to go it’s impressive that it is very close to the 5900x In almost everything but it whipes the floor of the 5600x

  20. why wasn't the big difference between the B550 and Z690 motherboards mentioned the price of motherboards lends to full system costs and needs to be taken into account with value not just chip price. If intel unlocks the features with there lower end motherboards then it is apples to apples but Intel wont


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