I setup my Starlink in Germany (250Mbps)

Following Starlink’s announcement for availability in Germany, I setup my own kit in Germany, getting speeds up to 250Mbps.

I used these maps in the video:
Estimated availability:
Starlink live radar:

0:00 Unboxing
1:21 Installation
3:12 Connecting
5:40 Speed tests
8:10 You can learn anything

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  1. der Ping ist aber recht schlecht, oder? Wie ist das in onlinegames? Ist es in onlinegames immer noch besser auf DE als auf US servern zu spielen oder ist es dann überall gleich schlecht?

  2. The long line of satelites comes from the just released satelites, that need to be positioned before they go up on the service. So.. 2500 satelites are running.. at the end there should be 40000 satelites around the globe! So expect to stabalize the service, once it gets out of the beta stage.

  3. Regarding running temporarily 300mbit, whereas you see the 250mbit as fixed limit:

    Sequential transfers are recompressed before actually transferring, so for the time it is in that mode for one prioritized data stream, which can easily double the latency/lag, due to a higher rate of submit/receive-checks being done – it will effectively save time, therefore be measured overall faster, because lesser content has to be delivered.

    In complicated words, that is …

  4. Can anyone explain, why changing low cost high speed optic and wires technologies for sattelites, that has 5yrs fuel tank. wich means every 5-6 years all of old sats go garbage. This network depends on launches. on and on, cant be stoped. WHY? Is this for middle-of-nowhere places only? Optics has less latency, faster max speeds and almost zero costs. Why tons of garbage per year in the orbit??

  5. you do know your isp can turn up your speeds they control it we all could have these speeds if they wanted us too but you need to pay more money its all a scam we went from satellite dishes to phone lines and now back to dishes

  6. But he can get his all the way in Germany I’m glad he got his but I’m tired of waiting on mine


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