SpaceX Potential Nuclear Technology Could Change Everything

In terms of revolutionary tech, nothing stands out as much as nuclear propulsion technology, so let’s talk about what a nuclear Starship would look like! Stay tuned and subscribe to Futurity.

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  1. The only way he could logistically bring 1 mil people to mars is with child birth. Meaning he would need to compensate for the marisan gravity to ensure the kids develop right. It wouldn't nessecarily be enough to reinforce bones with nanotubes. My best guess so far is 1 mil people on mars is a pr stunt.

  2. These “elon musk” channels really overusing the word “will change everything” its actually getting annoying 🙄

  3. Not necessary to modify starship to much. It just need to get attached to a space tug that might carry the powerplant and the nuclear thrust. Once reach mars, the space tug park in orbit while starchip lands on the planet. then for the return, starship might atach againg to spacetug in orbit and move to earth.

  4. Hahahahahahahaha Russia and America working 50 years on nuk power engine, and some idiot come on Twitter and sey hi will change space travel… People who fallow Musk have 0Q

  5. Only Quantum Computer can Drive Warp drive engines and must be invented in 500 years right now we have 880 years left to do everything in escaping out to Milky way galaxy before Christ returned and control this World.

  6. Do you know that every star in our galaxy is connected by Birkland currents, We already have linear drives that propel magnetic levitation trains at speeds of 300KPH So research should be done to ride the magnetic lines of these Birkland Currents. There be no dumping burnt fuels in to space. Could lead to a much safer, faster impulse space drive.

  7. how about a nuclear propulsion module that hooks on the back of a starship same like the booster than you can unhook it when landing with the raptor engine's and keep that Nuclear propulsion module parkt in orbit

  8. Gen 1 Rockets: Getting to space reliably
    Gen 2 Rockets: Getting Large Payloads to space reliably
    Gen 3 Rockets: Rockets designed to only be used in space to reach interplanetary destinations quickly and reliably

  9. You screwed up the pronunciation of Von Braun's name as well. Spend some time doing research into your videos before you post them it's the first sign of an amateur.

  10. The engine you used to illustrate nuclear propulsion is actually a chemical air-breathing / rocket hybrid – Sabre.

  11. What they need to do is have a spaceport where the nuclear power rockets are docked, loaded, maintained, and possibly assembled. Then use chemical rockets or "dropships" to go to and from the planet surface.

  12. To be honest, nuclear rockets don't seem to be significantly better. From the numbers in the video, it's ~20-30% better than chemical ones. Not much stimulus to implement them, I guess, that's why it didn't happen. We need smth like 10x better than current rockets, then it's only a matter of time and feasibility to implement

  13. After starship id love to see him research alternative rockets, like EM drives or FTL drives or jus more efficient chemical rockets

  14. I have wondered if u could detach the button portion to the moon in using it as reactor for energy on the moon and separation mechanism from the button reactor from the living quarters for the moon . This would not work for mars due to the landing entry…

  15. The should put the nuklear engines into an dockable ring so they havent got to change much on starship.

  16. It doesn't make sense for Spacex to focus on this before starship is operational, they might give it a shot afterwards, though

  17. Why not keep the nuclear ship in space like on the moon and use the traditional fuel ship to transport to the moon and then launch to mars.

  18. Instead of making starship why not use nuclear engine as a carrier to drop of starship then it stays in space.

  19. Why would a nuclear starship ever want to land? It would act as an inter-planetary ferry with a chemical starship at each end to transfer crew and cargo to for landings. At the same time the chem starship would transfer excess methane to the ferry, fuelling it indefinitely

  20. big spacex nuclear rockets transiting from earth orbit to a mars moon would be good ..with smaller ships going up and down to earth and mars surface..( see angry astronaut mars direct 3.0 )

  21. Ha! SABRE is not nuclear, and VASIMR is not chemical!
    It's agreed that NTPs would only be used in space, so why try to land on Mars or the Moon? NTPs would be used like space tugs, so no need to be anything like Starships, as many of the graphics presented.
    Of course using a Starship body would be easier to send up into space; so just point the NTP nozzle up front, open/eject the nose fairing, and mate the rear end to push another Starship.Moonward or Marsward. NTPs would also incorporate sterling engine electric generators for use on the Starships.
    It would be ideal if NTPs just used water, mined from the Moon and asteroids, as propellant, stored in the transformed and dedicated NTP Starship propellant tanks, Raptors now not needed and possibly salvaged to be stored in space, on the Moon, or Mars.
    Alternatively, I prefer nuclear electric powered VASIMRs; same setup as NTP. Can water (molecule being bipolar) be excited into (super heated steam) plasma for propulsion? The higher power electric generators can be used to power base camps and colony cities. SMR tech, with shielding, already exists that should be exploited. They're oversized shipping containers in size, but VERY heavy. Only SpaceX can find ways to do it as others would bond themselves with traditional slowness.

  22. The answered to get to Mars we have already got called magneto hydrodynamic anti gravity propulsion but is being being hidden from everyone and only keeping the tech for themselves while the majority of scientists and the individuals that are trying to take on the problem of space travel but are too blind and nieve and think that the holy grail of space travel is still not here but has been for over 35 years!!! Lockheed Martin has the tech so I just can't understand how someone would argue on pursuing old redundant technology when if they just had to pull their heads out of the sand they would realize that their is a reason why all these physicist were killed and murdered ,tesla,and the list goes on. We need to retrieve ability and build this spaceship needed.

  23. Don’t drop the nuclear propulsion system into the Starship with crew. Just build a specialized nuclear tug.

  24. They should develop a dedicated nuclear transit stage. Launch it into orbit on top of a SpaceX booster. That transit stage is then refuelled in orbit and will never be landed. It would push a Starship as an upper stage back and forth between Mars and Earth. Just refuel the nuclear transit stage with reaction mass on each end of the journey.

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