Get COLOR OS 12 on Global Oneplus 9 & 9 pro | How to Install COLOR OS 12 on Oneplus 9 & 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 series smartphones are getting a Color OS 12 update through an open beta in China. Color OS 12 can now be installed on Oneplus 9 global units.

Download Color OS 12 for Oneplus 9 Series :
Android 12 ColorOS launcher vs OxygenOS 11 Oneplus launcher comparison! New features, Changes & More :
Download latest Game Space application :
Download Oxygen OS 12 Open Beta for Oneplus 9 Series :
Download Android 12 DP 2 for Oneplus 9 Series :
Download Android 12 beta 5 For oneplus 7 Series :
How to Fix Volte & Mobile data on any phone running Android 12 GSI :
Oneplus 2.0 – Start of new Journey! No More OXYGEN OS for Oneplus | UNIFIED Software Coming Soon :
Color OS 12 Official rollout dates for Oneplus phone :
Features of Color OS 12 :
Android 12 Beta 5 on Oneplus 5 & 5T :
Android 12 beta 5 on Oneplus 9 & 9 pro :
Download Android 12 for Oneplus 8 & 8T Series :
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  1. Too many bugs are there. Yes Ui is really good and smooth but still many bugs in Dark mode app launcher and many more.
    Missing Oxygen Os.

  2. Bro when I am inside color os how can I revert back to stock oos 11 ?? Can I use the same app to roll back by adding update file ??

  3. Hold up people, i just tried ColorOS 12 on my OP9Pro. Soooo goooooooddddddddd.. never wanna come back to OOS. Thank God they're unifying OOS + COS later. Can't wait for global version

  4. Bro I'm useing oneplus 9
    I'm installing oxygen os 12 but oxygen 12 has issues phone I'm backing oxygen os 11 but no idea
    Oxygen os 11 install?

  5. After discovering this thread yesterday, I am trying to connect my OP8 with my son's Nintendo Swith USB-C to HDMI adapter.

    This adapter was purchased in Amazon

    The first attempts were in vain. The TV (Samsung UE22) switched on the HDMI input and the adapter connected to the mobile phone. No image was sent to the screen.

    I looked through all the settings, even changing the resolution to FullHD+ and 60Hz but found nothing. So I restored the screen settings to QHD and 90Hz ak be discouraged.

    Then I gave it a try one last time. The OP8 disconnected from the adapter, the TV connected to the adapter and finally, connect the mobile to the adapter. I waited about 15 or 20 seconds and suddenly the image appeared on the TV. Also in the notification window a message appeared "Charging device by USB, tap to see more options" I mean jab bhi mein Live stream karta hdmi hub ke sath mera OnePlus 90hz se 60hz par swift ho jata hai or screen black ho jati hai like no single aisa kyu bro plz?

  6. I can't upgrade…… The version
    is lower than the current verison. Am already in Oxygen is 12., Any help please & Thanks in Advance

  7. Thankyou so much sir for making the installation video really your videos is getting improve day by day 😊

    And thanks for taking feedback from users I really like your channel your channel is best and it is community driven 😊😊😊😊💯💯💯👍👍

  8. Regret buying oneplus 😀 …. i have my 8t for one year now i bought it coz OOS and 65W fast charging, but my experience wasnt that great tho (software is buggy, updates are slow and boring and also animations are not consistent) now they are killing OOS… therefore, I will most likely buy a new pixel <3

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