I Was Wrong About the Pixel 6!

I made a video a couple of weeks ago about what I was excited for for the Pixel 6. My initial thought was that Google was leaning into what made the iPhone so successful and developing a flagship device to lead the way for a proper android ecosystem.
But I was wrong, after watching Google’s Fall Pixel Event it’s now clear that while Google wants to gain more market share in the smartphone arena. That is not what drives them to create Pixel devices nor do they want to be like the iPhone or really any other smartphone company.
As I watched the event there was an overarching theme to it that may have gone unnoticed at first glance: Google wants your smartphone to not just be powerful, but more…helpful.
This is a very different approach to what most companies are doing with their devices. Year after year we see companies releasing their latest device that is more powerful or has better specs and a better camera than last year’s model, but how does that actually benefit the end user?
I did a video earlier on why I chose to pass on the iPhone 13 this year, while it is a very well designed and very powerful device; essentially I didn’t see anything new that made my life easier or new features that got me excited outside of the camera. Apple just continued to double down on what they do well: create a more powerful device without showing why it’s better than other devices.
This is the very reason why I have typically gravitated to Android devices. Over the years we’ve seen companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei innovate with each new device they released. And with the exception of foldables these companies have become stagnant.
Enter the Google Pixel 6 rocking a design that’s very polarizing but then again like nothing else on the market. Google was very intentional about it’s design choice to purposely stick out. And when you add Android 12 to the mix…mission accomplished!
I for one love the new design choice! Google did a good job this year of marketing and building anticipation for this device.
It’s said that it takes being exposed to something at least seven times before we begin to form an opinion on something. This may be why Google chose to show off the device months in advance knowing that some would love it and some would flat out hate it. Let me know in the comments, do you love or hate the design of the Pixel 6 and 6 pro?
Back on topic: Google introduced new features that are either exclusive to the Pixel 6 or Pixel phones that according to their CEO Sundar Pachai “would not have been possible on other devices”…
Enter Google Tensor, the real star of these phones. Tensor is Google’s first custom built chip for their Pixel phones and hopefully other devices. This chip was designed specifically to address features Google wanted to introduce to their phones but weren’t capable in the past due to the limitations of using other chip suppliers such as Qualcomm.
Example being improvements in computational photography AND video, yes video. Tensor will supposedly allow for smart HDR while recording up to 4k 60fps. If you’re unfamiliar with what HDR is, it’s the ability to maintain image quality despite variable exposures in a scene. Essentially allow your camera to see images the way our eyes see on a sunny day.
Other features include Magic Eraser allowing you to remove objects and or people from photos, including older photos not taken on a Pixel 6. Face Unblur and Computational Long Exposure photos were shown as well which are things that no other company is doing with their cameras.
Google also showed off Live Translation and Speech to Text that from their demos look promising but that remains to be seen. Either way you can see how these features are in general…helpful. I love the idea of being able to communicate with individuals internationally and having Google translate conversations on the fly.
Speech to text is supposed to be able to dictate messages properly and understand context and vocal inflection so that you can speak more naturally and no longer have to say punctuations.
You get the point…These features are designed to solve problems for people, from the average joe to the creator. And that’s what truly makes these phones different!
So I look forward to reviewing these devices when they arrive. I still have so many thoughts on what Google is doing with these phones now and where they may be headed in the future.
Let me know in the comments. Do you agree with my thoughts? Are you excited for Pixel 6? Did they hit the mark this year?

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  1. I love the Pixel 6 Pro. I currently have the Pixel 3XL. I plan to purchase the 6 Pro. I usually don't get the phone as soon as they drop. I like to wait to see what the reviews say and any bugs that may need to be worked out. My 3xl has stood the test of time. Still looks brand new and works like a charm. You're right; I don't need the biggest and best, I need something that works and makes regular tasks simple. I also like the updates for 5 years on the OS.

  2. I love this design, just wish the rear fingerprint scanner was still there! How is that? I am using a Pixel 5. Ended up cancelling my preorder because I felt like it wasn't necessary for me just yet

  3. I like the looks of the design, though I haven't had one in my hand yet. I have a Pixel 4XL now, and had a Pixel 2 before that, and I learned that I prefer the smaller form-factor. Sadly, that won't be available to me in the Pixel 6 — Google's seems to have gone to a "the bigger the better" attitude about the phone. And, I'm disappointed that the "smaller" Pixel 6 won't have the full lens/camera compliment, as I'd like to have the telephoto camera, but not so much that I'm willing to buy what amounts to a small tablet to use as my phone. Maybe they could have done a Pixel 6 with the dual camera, a Pixel 6 Pro (same size as the regular 6, but with the tri-camera setup), and a larger Pixel 6 XL with the tri-camera setup. In any event, I'll probably opt for the Pixel 6, but I'm going to hold off at least a couple of months before I buy, to let the frenzy die down a bit.

  4. Thank u…. Your video is one of the best and I must say even better than a lot of Tech reviewers. I have been watching more than a 100 videos on YouTube about pixel n you are right. PIXEL devices are more than just a phone n I'm really glad that its able to combine the hardware and it's awesome software.

  5. Love this take on the pixel. Ready to get mine tomorrow. Great video man. I love everything about that thing but the fingerprint scanner. Kind of bad compared to my s21 ultra.

  6. I’m switching back to android because ios/the phone, is just so boring at this point. I wanted something fresh and new, didn’t want to go back to the Samsungs either, and then the pixel came along. So I am switching to the pixel.

  7. Yes different and I like the design. And yes Pixel phones "feel alive" as I say. I am currently using the Pixel 4XL and I left iPhones years ago and so glad I did. I pre ordered my Pixel 6 Pro which is coming Thursday for me, so excited!!! Its easy to become a spec junkie and who doesn't enjoy the best in hardware?! But for a phone that isnt enough for me. So the Pixel/Google experience best suites me. The Google eco system has been amazing for me for years. So I dont think they needed to convince me of that but for some that are attached to the same ol same ol apple product, that might have needed to be the case. From my smart home devices & security, Pixel Phone, Pixel Buds, Fossil Gen 5 watch, Stadia, Google TV, etc … I even have a Google Xgimi Halo 😇 smart projector that has blown my mind for the past 2 years. I literally can go from phone, to tv, to projector playingstreaming AAA games instantly resuming exactly where I left off from anywhere in my home or on the go using my home devices or Pixel Phone 🤯🤯🤯 … Seamlessly. And really thats not just for gaming but for any multimedia. Again using the same eco system for years. So I encourage you or anyone to do what works for you… But I myself can vouch from my Google experience for years! Cheers! New subscriber

  8. Pixel 6 live translate has any difference with the existing fuctions for example live transcribe and conversation translate on Google Translate app?

  9. Pixel 4 owner here: I can confirm that speech-to-text already works shockingly well on mine so I'm sure it'll be great on the 6 (especially considering how bad youtube auto captions can be).

  10. I didn't think it was that crazy when I saw it. Yeah it's different but I'm looking for functionality like you mentioned and it works. The pixel brings about helpful tools and things. I like the video!!

  11. Got mine on order. Can't wait, I am a long time pixel owner and if my 2 lasted 4 years I'm happy to jump on

  12. Pretty well reasoned out. Speech to text alone is vastly underrated. The thing works so smooth, fast and accurate: OFFLINE!

  13. "Be together not the same" any company that believes that is going to get my attention. I loved my entrance into Pixel with the 3A XL, excited for my Pix 6 Pro to arrive.

  14. Don’t be surprised when google starts to spam you with adds relating to all the things you say when using dictation lol.

  15. I preordered the 6 pro, looks great, the camera bump actually better because it means the device doesnt rock if you put it down or use it on a desk, we know the google ai does wonders for pictures with terrible hardware, this was always going to be a massive improvement camera wise, after the loss of google on Huawei (my usual choice of phone) and the disappointment in the Xperia and the samsung which lacks any character at all compared to the Pixel just looks like a piece of plastic, looking forward to the Pixel

  16. I agree! You can argue that the tensor is more powerful then the 888 because the tensor uses 2 X1 cores and the 888 use one. The other X1 core handles separate task.

  17. Well, they made a device with a new sensor – a year after their magic guy for Google Camera leaves (e.g. Nightmode).

    The thing that made so many Smartphones better with inofficial GCam Mods (most importantly Xiaomi).

    Ironically it was the GCam Modding scene which made Samsung Sensors a real deal on GCam – with great results proving them it was possible – they are high likely going all their way to lock that exact scene out now.

    Which is/would be a BIG mistake – again.

    They only did it because they HAD to do it to stay relevant – not because they wanted to do it.

    I'm getting it because I'm curious and the price point is good with the initial offer only – not really for the camera but overall hardware you get for the money, but certainly not the Flagship (Pro). Just the Pixel 6 for 400ish bucks.

    Minus the sales – this phone (Pro & maybe even Non-Pro) is overpriced for what they're going to deliver most likely. That's probably also because there's the embargo – which they used to shut down all YouTubers that usually give out reviews early.

    They for sure wont be a able to do it a second time so that have be successfully trying to steal some market share so that hope to fix it later by updates – that's likely their masterplan.

    Overpromising, underdelivering.

    Imagine them having gone with just ONE 1-inch sensor – and rotating lenses ontop of it – all high quality.

    They don't lead the market, likely never will be doing that again after that here. Because now they've lost their biggest chance in a lifetime after milking the crap out of the old Sony sensor for all that time.

    Whatever manager was that – they should fire him/her to the mars with Elon Musks space program as an example.

    Edit: Yes I sound a bit let down but it's just a thing … I can't really keep silence about.

    They could've done so much more … especially with the Pro. But maybe they have the Fold or whatever in their plans already … same mistake that Xiaomi did after going straight up with the 10 Ultra Series … or maybe I'm just overthinking things … oh well. I'll see my Pixel 6 was already shipped this morning with Express.

  18. Yeah. I'm more excited about the camera over more of other features but i won't complain about having them too. This year, Pixel seems to be the most exciting phone since most of the other phones are about the same year after year. This time round, they price it right and i'll consider having this phone over others if i'm replacing mine. All we need now is having the phone available in my country 😂

  19. Ordered my Pixel 6 Pro 256GB Stormy Black during the launch. Was a MAJOR HEADACHE, but managed to get my pre-order in. I should get mine delivered 27-28 October. Can't wait!!

  20. I agree with your thoughts 100%. I was thinking the exact same thing hence the reason why I always tend to gravitate towards Pixel (Google) phones vs any other devices. Like you said, they're just "helpful". Great video and can't wait to watch your full review! You found yourself a new subscriber.

  21. I’m a great big fan of pixel devices but let’s not pretend like Google is our friend. They steal your data and they use it against you. They also provides said data to the federal government.

  22. I'm fully agry with you. I mean with the approach you are about smartphone as a helpful tool for user and not only a race machine for…what ? I am ordered the Pixel 6 day one (in France wich is my country, and where Google have an offer for pre-purchases with a Boss 700 noises reducer headphone free). I'm can't wait to test the phone. Good Job guy and receive my Hello from France.

  23. Thoughts are on point. I'm not looking for the most powerful phone but one that works well, adds value to what I do on a daily basis, and will grow with me over time. Pixel/Google is the clear choice. Glad to see people are finally getting it. Hope the younger generation will learn that having the same colored text bubble is not the best reason to make a phone choice. 🙂

  24. Yep, Google are being creative about rethinking their products. Apple used to do that, but became followers around the time of the death of Steve Jobs.

  25. When are reviews allowed to be shared on YouTube? I want to see what all the reviewers think of the phone the camera the battery and the features like magic eraser

  26. Great setup my guy. Thorough explanations!! I've ordered mine through Bestbuy! Regular Pixel 6 Seafoam Green 256GB… Can't wait!!! 💪🏽🙌🏽

  27. Another sub here! Thanks for stating out that innovation is not just add more power, but also (and mainly) add more and new functionalities.

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