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211118-46730-1.jpg.webpGoogle’s flagship new phones Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launched this year, the box only comes with Type-C transmission cable, cancel the included charger, users need to purchase separately. (Photo/Photo by reporter Liu Huiqin)

Google launched a new generation of flagship dual-device Pixel 6 series in October this year. It supports USB Type-C transmission interface and PD3.0 fast charging. The mobile phone box does not include a charger. At the same time that Google announced the new machine, it also launched the original 30-watt power charger for users to purchase.

According to the official description page, when using a 30-watt charger to charge the Pixel 6, charging for 30 minutes can quickly charge the power from 1% to 50%. According to a foreign media 9to5Google report, the original 30-watt charger is used for fast charging. The test found that the maximum charging power of the Pixel 6 series is respectively. The built-in battery capacity of the 6.4-inch Pixel 6 with a built-in battery capacity of 4614 mAh can charge up to 21%. The 6.7-inch Pixel 6 Pro with 5003mAh built-in battery has a fast charge rate of up to 23%. That is to say, although the Pixel 6 series dual machine can use the original USB-C 30 watt charger, it does not have the maximum charging power of 30 watts.

The measured data of foreign media shows that taking the Pixel 6 Pro as an example, although the official 50% full charge is reached in the first 30 minutes, the full charge will take nearly 111 minutes, which is equivalent to about 2 hours. In this regard, Google’s official website recently also provided further details on the charging method of the Pixel 6 series.

Google officially confirmed and stated that the actual maximum wired charging power of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is 21 watts and 23 watts, respectively. When the mobile phone’s power starts to charge from 1% in the first 30 minutes, it can be fully charged with 50% of the power, and from 30 minutes to one hour, it can quickly reach 80% of the power. However, when the battery is fully charged from 80% to 100%, the charging power will begin to decrease as the charging time reaches one hour. The main purpose is to allow the battery to perform a stable charging mode with a lower power to slow down the loss of battery life. However, the actual charging time will still vary depending on factors such as the current ambient temperature, cell phone battery life, and usage during charging.

In addition to using Google’s original USB-C 30-watt charger to achieve the highest charging efficiency for the Pixel 6 series, the official also stated that users can purchase third-party manufacturers to launch USB-C PD PPS protocol specifications The charger comes for use. In addition, if the old chargers around you meet the USB PD and BC 1.2 specifications (such as the 18-watt charger that came with the previous generation Pixel 5), they are also compatible. The difference is that the charging rate and time will be higher than the 30-watt charger. Come more.

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