Repair ZenFone 8 crash disaster!ASUS rolls out system updates to 4 flagship phones

211124-46778-1.jpgThe picture shows the ZenFone 8 series (picture / flipped from ASUS official website)

At the beginning of this month, many ASUS users complained on the official ZenTalk forum that ZenFone 8 is facing crashes. Many PTT users and even overseas have related disasters. In order to repair related problems, the official release of the latest version update for the 4 flagship phones earlier.

This time, the system updates are ZenFone 8, 8 Flip, ROG Phone 5/5S, among which ZenFone 8 and 8 Flip only mentioned “optimizing system stability” in the update description, which is expected to be automatically pushed in the middle of this week. For all users, it can also be updated manually in “Settings”-“About”-“System Update”.

However, according to some netizens’ comments on the ZenTalk forum, the update of ZenFone 8 seems to cause abnormal brightness adjustment. Faced with environments with different brightness, the screen may turn on and off.

In addition to the Android security update, ROG Phone 5 series also fixes other usage problems, including setting color abnormalities, specific webpage sliding freezes, Whatsapp one-handed mode cannot delete photos, Gamepad protective shell lighting abnormalities, and LINE dialing automatic shutdown, etc.

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ASUS ZenFone 8 crashes!Officially recognized: the warranty will be extended

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