Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra VS Galaxy Note 20 Ultra VS Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra VS Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra VS VS Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra specs comparison and review…………

please note:- Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 45W fast charging and no Audio jack
sorry for mistake 😔

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra VS S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy note 20 Ultra VS S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra Vs Note 20 Ultra


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  1. if i can i would give 1 million dislike.
    Even cant afford single phone tries to comparison video.👎👎👎👎👎👎

  2. S20 Ultra tidak ada S Pen, Note 20 Ultra ada S Pen yg include ada didalam HP, S21 Ultra bisa S Pen tetapi tidak include didalam dan terpisah dari HP tidak bisa dimasukan kedalam HP serta harus dibeli sendiri 🙏

  3. Why does everyone keep reviewing interior exynos versions lol. Snapdragon is way more stable and out performs exynos every time.

  4. Two mistakes there….refresh rate 120hz can be applied on QHD on 21 ultra not on other…and internal memory is 256 GB for 21 ultra

  5. Нот 20 ультра белый,владею с декабря-самый четкий из всех

  6. El s20 ultra siempre va ser el mejor ese gran monstruo lo a de mostrado apesar de que ya salieron nuevos modelos, sin duda sigue siendo el mejor y más bonito diseño, el s21 se ve muy feo de atras

  7. Pls pls send for me any android phone pls pls pls plsssssss my phone Is broken plsssssss Am poor pls

  8. El Samsung S20 ultra 5g es el mejor, no nada de diferencias entre el s21 ultra 5g, solo una actualización en el software al s20 ultra y se ven iguales

  9. I have note 10+ at the monent and want to upgrade. Could anyone suggest me which one to go: Note20 Ultra or S21 Ultra?


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