Sleepless In The Start Menu

Wendell walks you through the Windows 11 start menu and store, and lets you in on what it represents for the tech industry on a larger scale.

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  1. The problem is windows users and Apple users only use them to an end. The rest of us use the computer because we like working with the computer. the rest of the world do not give a second thought about the search bar in which ever windows, and that's the sad truth of it. At the end of the day, it is about the bottom-line money. Sorry, that's just the way it is and always will be Microsoft like Apple do what is best for their bottom line not they customers, and until said customers stop using it that's how it will be for the rest of us. I must use Microsoft in my work life since 1986 but I choose to use Linux when I am not at work, on and off since the late 90s. but if I ask people to try Linux, they do not want to try, they do not want to know they have no interest. There are many alternatives to Microsoft, but most people will say "I'll give you my windows when you pry (or take) it from my cold, dead hands" before you get them to change.

  2. I am so glad I have a first gen ryzen. Windows won't offer or sneak a windows 11 update on my machine. I've had to block that on a few laptops now.

  3. haha xD There's no comming back from this . People superficially complain about the usability, Wendell goes balls deep and exposes malicious misconduct! Not bad for a "computer janitor" 😛 Gotta love Level1 <3

  4. Does Microsoft no know it own history? Forceing edge it going to take them down the road they went with IE vs netscape.

  5. I'd argue that win 10 start menu was better. Not from a search perspective, but because I could arrange it in a way I didn't have to search for things. That's why I think M$ took that away. Now you have to search, because there's no other way.

  6. When I 'm forced to get on 11, I'll probably just get on linux instead. I've avoided it because I don't want to learn it. But, I'm growing real tired of Microsoft's bs.

  7. I filled feedback in their app about that search scrollbar truncating anything on the right hand side and blatantly missing padding. They never fixed it. MSFT is a joke.

  8. Love this commentary. My biggest concern with Windows 11 so far, from a tech support perspective, is that it can break printing in a small business/enterprise environment.

  9. Well, people are not gonna change and strive for morally sound decisions. But they are going to embrace anything that makes them a profit.
    So big corp now endorses scam and fraud, as they are not as liable as they should be. They can obviously also fend off the legislative from making them liable.
    The next big thing will then be actual, proper digital assistants, like the next door nerd that you all know, that can guide a user through the steps required to get a functional solution to their objective and filter out immoral offers.
    Although, if that hits the market, it too will get corrupted sooner or later. You can make money off people making bad decisions, the very same reason that this development you explain takes place.

    Maybe there isn't even a solution, maybe it will always be a circular process until we are able to socially eliminate corruption, exploitation and misery. That would be when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. Or when it is a principle, that "good" decisions are worth more than profitable ones; for the idealist as for the shareholder.

  10. Been in IT infrastructure for a decade, when linux fixes gaming. Ill swap but will not until then. As for enterprise infrastructure. Its impossible to swap from msoft in a meaningful way. There is no other option out there that can match the 365 package and the way it integrates with intune. I will however bang this drum to my account managers come enterprise agreement time of year. I could handle win 10 with the features for me as an IT admin. However win 11 gives me literally nothing… And it adds to my helpdesk queues with all of this stupid shit confusing the corporate dinosaurs we have

  11. Microsoft needs to just make windows free. If I pay for a product that delivers me ads I'm paying to be a product. I remember the year 1999 we didn't have ads in our start menu. Sure we had them on tv, and radio and in magazines, and movies and at ball games, on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts and bananas and written in the sky! But not on the start menu, no siree.

  12. Time to go into Windows Registry again to force Windows into doing what we want, pretty much business as usual for me.

  13. Microsoft it seems, doesn't learn from past experience, and unfortunately.
    Linux is nowhere near good enough for mainstream use. That leaves Microsoft and Apple as the two main choices, each with the same end goal, both have different marketing strategies.

  14. Anything that has the Gates name on it is snake oil.
    This complete thing forced me to finally switch to linux and thank you to those who helped me in the wiki.

  15. make an app for windows 11 start menu so people can click and by doing that accept to be part of windows users suing Microsoft. Part of the suit should be shutting down forever the RD department at Microsoft that is dedicated to sell products and ban any Microsoft store from being installed in any operating system

  16. You can disable Windows web search with a registry edit. After that it will only search locally. It made Windows search a little bit more usable.

  17. Listary is a pretty decent alternative to using the start menu.
    We shouldn't have to find workarounds, and this isn't to say this behavior should be excused or ignored, but we need working machines.

  18. I used to look at the web search in Windows 10/11 and think "this is annoying, but maybe someone might get some use out of it"… except now I realize it doesn't even seem to be good at what it's trying to do.

  19. Lol "switch to Linux"….thats unacceptable. 10k different distros,each for its own use. Most of my important programs dont run or arent ported to linux.

  20. Great video, Wendell. You nailed it. We've seen this trend growing for over a decade, and it's not going to get any better. Big Tech has closed its fist around our necks, and it is not going to let go.

    I put Windows 11 on one of my PCs to test drive it. It's in no way an improvement over Windows 10. It was released solely to trick users into seeing ads they would not have otherwise seen.

  21. it's like the settings app in windows 10, totally useless. You spend more time getting to the actual old dialog, that they left unchanged since windows 7, that actually gets stuff done.

  22. web results have no place in the start menu. Seriously, WTF Microsoft. It's one of the first things I disable on a new install, and it looks even worse in 11 than on 10.

  23. Wanted to pull up paint the other day. Start, type paint. Didn't find it. Ended up using GIMP. Hit start, typed paint a few hours later. No problem. It's finicky, needs an update.

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