Pairing the RTX 3090 with a XEON X5675…!

1st Generational i7 and Xeons, are they worth it in 2020? How do they fare for PC gaming nowadays? Well let’s test that out with an RTX 3090.
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Grab a cheap x5650 Xeon here:
Search for an X58 Motherboard here:

0:00 X58 still a great value option.
3:05 The Gaming Benchmarks vs i9-10900K, Ryzen 9 3950X and 1680 v2
5:46 X58 It’s all about the motherboard.
8:30 What GPU is the best fit for X58 Xeons without bottlenecking?!
10:25 The Downsides to using X58, missing AVX and AVX2.
12:31 Question of the day, 2678 v3 good for davinci video editing?

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  1. I shocked when you think about price the xeon can be bought for like 20 bucks vs a 500 dollar i9 but this is not even the best cpu at all the 5690 is far better

  2. Do you recommend using only 3x RAM over 6x RAM For overclock? I acutally got 6*2 Corsair 1333 running the x5675 on Asus P6T Deluxe with 4Ghz, 25x Multi, Speedstep enabled, 160 Blk, QPI/Data Link 5774, CPU Voltage 1.35, CPU PLL 1.8, QPI/DRAM 1.25, IOH Voltage 1.18, Lode Line Calibration enabled, DRAM Timing on Auto (9-9-9-24).

    I tryd to surpass 4Ghz, but RIG wasnt stable.

    So i thought If getting 24Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866Mhz would be good?

    Also i should mention, that my RAM has different Versions… At least 2 or 3 of Them. First i Had only 3*2 GB… when i bought the additional 3*2GB i didnt knew that different Versions of RAm arent good, especially for OC.

    I needed a few trys to get all RAM running, many Times it didnt showed the complete Size. I Thought my MB was broken. I Had to swap the RAM a few Times till it worked.

    Also i bought that used Bundle with an i920 Back in 2013… I Had this running Stock till Last year, when Upgraded with that Xeon, Sythe Fuma2 and GTX 1660 Ti Just before Lockdown…

    The whole RIG:
    Asus P6T Deluxe
    Corsair XMS 1333 6*2GB
    Asus ROG Strix 1660 Ti OC
    Samsung 250Gb SSD
    2TB Seagate Hybrid HDD
    Sythe Fuma 2 CPU Fan
    2* Corsair ML120 Case Fan
    Termaltake Kandalf Big Tower 😉
    PSU Corsair RM650 Bronze Plus

    I read that using all 6 RAM Slots isnt good for OC, also that the X58 Platform doesnt Like More than 4GB RAM.

    But i also saw @ YT that 16GB AND Mode could get also more FPS.

    Would it make sense to get those 24Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866Mhz for more than actually 12GB RAM and for better OC Chances?

  3. I found the x5675 likes the QPI/DRAM @1.3V MAX DRAM 1.5-1.6V depending on underclocking or overclocking the ram typically x58 likes anywhere from 1800 to 2000 I recommend 2133 underclocked or 1866 slightly overclocked to 1964 CPU voltage @ 1.35 to achieve 4.5ghz no qpi load line calibration and never exceed 1.3 volts or you will permanently degrade the chip where it requires more voltage to remain stable also make sure the DRAM is not set to Auto when overclocking always start out manually at 1.5v increase for the stability I currently have two machines one Asus rampage 3 Gene and one Asus P6X58d-E overclocked using this formula both score cinebench R15 1028-1036 @4.5 GHz. make sure to set your UCLK to half the QPI link speed example CPU ratio 23 BCLK 196 qpi 7074, UCLK 3537 QPI/VRAM 1.30V DRAM bus 1.5v, PLL 1.84v, CPU 1.35v enable C1E, CPU TM, disable speed step & C-State disable on board 1394 controller if you don't use it

  4. For very high frame rates, Socket 1366 and Xeon 56xx lacks PCIe 3.0.

    I manage to obtain two Xeon 5690, ECC 64 GB RAM, and ASUS Z8PE-D12 for about $135. Two Xeon 5690 CPUs and ECC 64 GB RAM were from decommissioned HP DL580 G7 rack server at less than $40.

    My current gaming PCs have Ryzen 9 3900X and Intel Core i9 9900K.

  5. Just built my new workstation using donor parts – dual X5675, 72GB – perfect for all the damn VMs I need to run!

  6. Hi, thank you for making these videos!

    I run a gigabyte x58a ud3r rev2, 16 GB of ram triple channel (it seems that 4 slots does make a triple channel in my mobo), x5675 non overclocked (i didn't manage to find an exclusive video for my mobo).
    My power supply is a Seasonic X-750 750W Active PFC (Modular) 80 PLUS GOLD.

    My questions are:
    Is a 3060ti suitable for my system? if so what model would you recommend?
    I reid oc the CPU but kinda failed and since I'm scared I was wondering if there is an oc guide to my mobo specifically?

  7. Questions, can it ran valorant? Some people say valorant demand AVX some say not, so idk help me cuz i really love this cpu

  8. Before building my new Ryzen 5600x based rig. I used an old HP Z420 workstation I got for free out of an electronics recycling bin. It is a Xeon E-5 1660(first version), a 6c/12t cpu clocked at 3.3ghz, with 64GB of DDR3 ECC Memory(got free ram sticks and maxed it). It still runs perfectly and keep it in storage, you never know if it can come in handy. I am curious how my RTX3060Ti would work in that old thing….my guess pretty well considering what I saw in this video with a much older xeon. Thanks for doing something like this, a lot of us appreciate tinkering with older hardware.

  9. I have a single 5675 paired with a gtx 1060 Zota 6gb inside of a Dell poweredge t410. I have a another one coming tomorrow. I am able to play shadow of the tomb raider at over 60 frams.

  10. So I have a brand new intel DX58SO Mobo I found on ebay. Was able to track down archived copies of all latest drivers and bios updates and I have them on a usb stick. Is it a good setup? Currently waiting on my xeon x5675 to arrive. Ordered an I7 950 as well just incase the mobo wont boot with the xeon at first. Any tips?

  11. Greetings from the Philippines 🇵🇭
    Question : i have bought a second hand pc and im suffering with FPS drops. Playing and streaming at the same time causes unbearable FPS drops. Can you guys help me figure out how to get this fixed? Below is the pc built. Thanks in advance.

    -Gigabyte X58 extreme MB
    -Xeon 5675
    -Palit GTX 1070 8gb
    -12gb ram ddr3

  12. I'm still running a Asus P6T deluxe with an EVGA GTX 1060 3GB. Good to see i could go up to an RTX 2080. What do you think are some equivalent more modern boards that have the lasting power (12 years) of this board/architecture?

  13. hey friend i am watching you from turkey. please do you send it as bi o.c article for gigabyte x58 x5675. my system is very unstable.


    giga x58 ud7

    16gb 1600mhz corsair ram

    1660 super.

    650w everst psu

  14. Hey, should I upgrade my change my xeon w3550 for this cpu?,it is really cheap on ali express going for only 20-25$

  15. I've got a 990X which is all similar except lack of VT-d compensated by unlocked multiplier. I've got to say man, this platform really shines ten years on. With VT-d being usable on Linux these days, you can even ditch Windows completely and run native apps within Linux with tools such as Looking Glass and DXVK. That's what I call sustainable hardware, godspeed TYC for bringing this to current day viewers.

  16. Asus p6t deluxe V2 + xeon 5660 + Rx580 8g + 30G ddr3 . I did the oc watching your tutorial (A great one btw) but lowered to 3.6 Ghz because low TDP dissipation (125 W). I have to say im very happy with the price-performance relation that this cpu can give. Only got like a month with it. Asus late owner sold me his mobo with original cpu and he says that he never used O.C. with it.
    The first reason of why i decided to build this pc: Astoundingly cheap!!
    PS: I´ll change the cpu fan for a cheap AIO this or the next week, so i hope to leave it to 4 Ghz and see how it behaves.
    So i have to say: thanks for the good quality content.

  17. for now i pair my gtx 1080 ti with an i7 4930k @4.5 Ghz. what would be the best possible graphics card there? Maybe a RTX 3070? i just wanted to know if there are still upgrade options before i switch completely in a few years

  18. The spectre disable thing is something i really need to look into aswell. Realisticly, i use my pc mainly for gaming, yeah you have some documents here and there but overall: i m not a rich guy with super high security files on my pc that anyone could get much value out of anyways and then in the last like 10 years, i dont even remember the last time i had ANY issues at all with something related to virus, malware or anything like that. And if i think about it: to me as a gamer primarily, is it really worth it to sacrifice performance i need for something that could of might maybe happen, that you can find almost no proof on at all? Like we all remember the ''oh spectre its so dangerous'' headlines but .. i ve never ever heard of any single case that someones pc went bonkers because someone used something spectre related. its like: yes you could have a car crash: so better of never drive a car again because it could happen. sort of

  19. I use a x5650 4.2 OC at 1.336V and a gtx1070, I run all the games I like fine. x58 its a very cool old platform

  20. Finally went the X58 route as well! I picked up an X5675 + ASUS workstation board combo and overclocked it to 4.1 ghz. Pairing it with my 980Ti the results are incredible!

  21. i got hp z400 with w3690 4.13 ghz on all 12 threads using throttle stop an changing tdp from 130w to 170w. paired with 1060 6gb, 12gb ram and 240hz 1080p display. perfekt setup

  22. man it sounds nice hearing you say 2070 super as i sit here with my x5675 and 2070 super lmao! still finding a good stable OC as I was running i7 930 since 2010. Back then I had a x295 nvidia gpu! 😛 Been running my current evga x58 since 2010 and going strong. AVX instructions seem to be a roadblock that might increase and I hope not!

  23. So based on the recent Hardware Unboxed video, the Nvidia GPUs perform way worse when we are CPU bottlenecked. Obviously we are severely CPU bottlenecked here in this video. So i would actually like to see this same Xeon being tested with AMD, namely Radeon 6900XT for the best comparison to this RTX 3090 here.

  24. I have 2x Xeon X5675 on an ASUS Z8NA D6 but a MoBo for overclocking. Is it worth moving 1 into a single P5x58 & OC it. I think it’s usb 3 & sata3. I liked using it when new. Was a solid MoBo w/ a cranked up 930

  25. God Eater 3 also needs AVX to run.
    My wife wanted a pc and she plays God Eater so i built a pc off of a HP z420 motherboard and an e5 2650 v2 and a gtx 1660 i got for a good deal.

  26. Hey Bryan, have you ever tried to install 6x8gb ECC memory with success (48gb)? I have a [email protected] at the moment with 24gb of regular desktop ram. I was curious if you've ever tried to see if the board was capable of handling more than that since the memory controller is on the processor and can theoretically handle a lot more than 24gb

  27. Great video! Have an HP Z400 with an X5690 and RTX 2060 Super and I was curious how a GPU with more horse power would run. Pretty impressive what these old Xeons can do. My setup runs nice for what it is – a 2009 Win7 workstation.


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