How to Repair Super Crack Touch Digitizer Screen on iPad 5th gen (Year 2017) – Step by Step Guide

iPad 5th gen touch digitizer screen –

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  1. What happened to me tho. I saw in the tutorial how easy they removed the old home button. I tried the same way and I ripped it off. New $7 one with no Touch ID

  2. I was pulling the home button cable like that, same as in the video then clic, I snapped the cable. Now you just don't weld that cable back again. Bye iPad, nice three years together

  3. Followed this tutorial to replace an iPad screen for the first time and it was easy to follow along and I got it replaced well!

  4. My screen is shattered and it likes to open random apps. Will I have to replace the LCD along with the screen or just the screen? The LCD works fine.

  5. I have this flat wire stuck around here on the side. However much I try it doesn't go inside as it's bent probably in a wrong way. ipad works perfectly, but the screen won't glue properly because of this. Should I just start over and get a new screen to replace?

  6. I’d recommend not putting the iPad face down on the heat, you risk warping the backlight on the LCD. Keep up the good work.

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