Google Tensor SoC (AKA Whitechapel) in the Pixel 6 – What we know so far!

Google has published some teaser information about the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, including the name of the processor they will use. It has been long rumored that Google is working on its own SoC, codenamed Whitechapel. Those rumors are true. Here is what we know so far.

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  1. The Pixel is for users who value camera quality and ambient computing most, and that's fine. Google isn't trying to outsell Samsung, Huawei, or Apple with the Pixel yet, so it's not that important how niche it is.

    Also tho, basic mobile hardware has been plenty fast enough for years already anyway. I don't even know anyone who plays serious mobile games, especially when they could be streaming Xbox instead. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. Wow thanks for explaining all that… tricky Google Isn't that kind of like what they did with the pixel 5 they had mid range chips in there but thankfully they sold it at a mid range price

  3. I do care about image processing and machine learning, because I care about the AI in my phone and photos, and this is what Google does the best already.
    This is what I want and I really don't care if it's not the best benchmark, because all this is just superficial and you don't see any difference unless you run a benchmark.

  4. can we get an updated version of this video now we know it will have 2-X1 cores and so much has leaked about the CPU and GPU.

  5. What about the modem on the Tensor, word is the Qualcomm X65 modem will be capable of 300mhz wide channels of mid-band 5G, and 1,000mhz of MMwave bandwidth. Important information as 2022 is just around the corner. . .

  6. Great Video Gary! Even with the elevated focus on Tensor aka AI/ML I think there is still excitement regarding the entire package. Every year CPU's/GPU's get faster, we see speed test, etc but it doesn't always translate to a great product and the average consumer can't fully distinguish the difference. I think it's a step toward a larger picture but they need to crawl before they walk so I see competition breading better future user experiences.

  7. Hi Gary, excellent vid by the way. Here are some of my thoughts also. When you think about the end user experience for a phone, 4 things come to mind:

    Design of the phone (exterior)
    The cameras plus video
    Overall os experience
    Battery life

    If the os is optimised well then I believe this phone will be sell well

    Remember when apple used to use Intel cpu and charge a fortune.. I believe we maybe at this stage again.

    What I admire about Google they are the only one willing to push for innovation even tho some of it is deemed scary.

    It will be interesting once launched, I don't believe cpu and apu will be a huge factor. As a engineer I understand your arguments, this is from building pcs myself and what you pay for parts I can agree it's abit of a rip off to pay for something which isn't current gen.

    With phones it's always going to be user experience.

    Will that phone look good on instagram or Snapchat etc

    Can the phone last me all day.

    Does it have wireless charging, is it IP68.. And will I have support for when it goes wrong.

  8. Actually according to leaks the tensor chip is supposed to be in-between 888 and 898 and 898 comes to smartphones next year so won't be behind until next year when all 2021 phone will

  9. This is all speculation on both sides of the table we won't know until they formally announce the phone and ppl get their hands on it. I personally hope Google can make it as fast as the snapdragon 888. With their machine learning and stock android with Pixel features I think the phone will be worth it. IF it's slower than the 888 then google really messed up. We shall see though. I have high hope bcuz I'm in the market for a new phone and tired of all the bloatware from phone makers.

  10. I think tech heads are usually most excited by hardware advancements but that's not really what google is hoping to gain with Tensor, especially not with the first generation. It's a bit disingenuous or hyperbolic to compare tensor to mid-range offerings like the 765 or whatnot, at absolute worst it'll match the performance of current flagships which really doesn't mean much when it comes to real world usage. I doubt very much that there's a large cohort of people out there who would say upgrading to a Galaxy S21 from an S20 was a totally life-changing experience purely from the switch over to a Snapdragon 888 from an 865. Flagship chips are often years ahead of mid-range offerings in terms of performance, so a tensor with current flagship tech is not suddenly going to be a mid-range component.

    Secondly it will also come down to whether there is efficiency that can be gained by offloading traditional tasks to the ML components. The main reason why Tensor is important to Google is that it allows them to have more control over how the chip works for them in the phone like with Apple Bionic SOC's. I don't expect Google to suddenly have an M1 and M1X competitor because it's their first whack at it, but it does seem to signal a big first step towards making a big commitment.

  11. The pixel release date every year is a pretty bad time to be honest. The always have to use 9 month old chips when the new one comes out in a couple of months . That means your brand new pixel gonna have last year's chip while some Xiaomi flagship is gonna use the snapdragon 898

  12. Honestly, I'm not buying into AI and this Tensor thingy. It may benefit when comes to computation photography and videography but other than these, I don't need AI to tell me what to do. And I don't want my phone to act on its own without my knowledge and digging into the daily activities. And the phone is not going to be cheap and since it is still an Android, it has lower resales value, unlike an iPhone. I will go for the budgeted Pixel 4a 5G rather. Not to mention that should there be any bugs in the TPU, there is no way to patch the bugs since it is a hardware.

  13. Gary the majority of users would not have the faintest idea what a Tensor is….most people need a fairly decent phone that takes great pics (some can't even take decent pics even with the best cameras). Price, Gary, people look at the price and want value for the buck. Why do you think Xiaomi did so well last year….ok some of us love this technical stuff but it's the same with everything else….people look at the price first and foremost. And yeah I know people who can afford the iPhone and S21 Ultra and will still opt for a mid range phone. I usually wait a year and buy a one year old model….that's when the price drops lol But i don't know when the big companies are going to wisen up to this ezpecially Google which does not produce mid range phones.

  14. *Tensor(aka White Chapel) is supposed to be 8-cores and they are supposed to put Tensor in the chromebooks. QUALCOMM is in trouble. *

  15. the most important thing to me is, can it run [email protected]/60fps, if not.. better luck next time, Google 🤣
    and those are bragging about experience, experience also comes alongside with the processing power of a SoC, you can't expect top level experience from a SoC like sd700 series. If they think they will get away just by turning peoples focus onto AI and ML, then they are dreaming. Their only software experience and few AI stuffs won't justify so called "flagship" price. the best thing about Apple is they not only upgrade AI, ML and all these but also the performance.
    Thank you Gary for explaining the behind the scene truth, no YouTuber has guts to do so.

  16. They could pivot to being best in photography and best in battery life among the big 3 and that’s pretty much what the most people care about

  17. Dear Gary, did you look into the fact that the "Tensor" chip is just a rebranded Exynos 9855 in which case the whole Tensor thing smells a lot like snake oil

  18. It's 2021 there are no such thing as a slow premium range phone, honestly.
    I'm pretty sure the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are going to be brilliant.
    Can't wait to pre-order mine 👍🏾

  19. Wouldn't you apply the same logic to the apple processor they'll be a year behind because it comes out in the fall just like Google. 🤔

  20. You seem to be excited about how much more efficient this phone will be at scraping our personal info and helping advertisers spy son us and market to us. How will that chip be at improving the phones dismal performance at being a phone and being able to understand the person that you are talking to? Will it be able to block spam better? What will it do that matters to users? You have already made the case of what it does for advertisers.

  21. Very well explained, thank you.
    I loved my pixel 4xl the camera was better than my iPhone 12 Pro Max I have now, I’m going to go for the Pixel 6 Pro this year rather than the 13 Pro Max… 👍🏻🤞🏻

  22. the pixel phones have always been about experience. the pixel 5 was great with the midrange processor. The new camera hardware is what really is selling me this phone.

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