Generation Z Will Not Have 'iPad Babies' | Hot TikTok 2021

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  1. I see this a lot when I go to Mcdonalds. I'm from Generation Z and just seeing that makes me not wanting to do that with my kids

  2. Tbh it depends what you're watching on the device. But I'm not like this ( I have a 1yr old.) I'm involved in what my kids watching on t.v and how much she watches. I love to play with my child and be involved, and even if I'm not I let her play with her toys. It's okay to let your babies be bored or be in their own space. But an iPad/phone for your kids unlimited/ all day, isn't the answer. Most moms do this so they can have kids and not deal with them. You'll later on regret this because they will want nothing to do with you and have the worst people skills. 😌

  3. …yeah I don't think millennials are the ones complaining "phone bad" since we're also glued to our devices and the whole "KIDS THESE DAYS AND THEIR PHONES" thing started with gen-x/boomers saying that about us. Are millennials shoving ipads at their kids 24/7? Probably, but I dunno any millennials with kids, so, yeah.

  4. Wow this is extremely judgemental from people who don’t have kids. I agree that kids shouldn’t be on iPads and I don’t do this. However, there are so many people now judging parents differently then how our parents in the past. So how about everyone stops judging the parents who are trying to have a night out in the first time for years. You don’t freaking get it because you’re not a parent. Not all kids like books or can read books. Parent shaming is ridiculous.
    Honestly, though here’s the real deal post covid. I never let my oldest child use a device and now in grade one she’s being told to learn how to read and write on the iPad. 30 mins min per night. Then in her Sr Kindergarten year she was online learning most of the year. Oh let’s not forget Covid destroyed jk and forced kids online again!!!!!!
    So stop judging. You don’t know what’s going on.

  5. This is true and I've seen the impact to some of my little cousins. It's fairly telling that the children of tech billionaires do not have screen time and go to private schools that are extremely low-tech (chalkboard, nature walks, using their imagination).

  6. I’ve seen many millennials on tiktok or reels saying that “gen z is judging now but when they’ll have kids they’re going to do the same thing”. I really hope not. I’ve seen those kids glued to iPads and poor children are overstimulated all the time (which in turn makes them groggy) and not in touch with reality at all. Also they aren’t taught to self soothe or discipline themselves when they’re out so basically all hell breaks loose until they get handed an iPad or iPhone with some stupid cartoon on.

    I had a Nintendo DS when I was a kid and I had a 20 minutes screen time when at home and I wasn’t allowed to take it out of the house. These kids don’t even look around themselves and don’t explore the world. It’s sad.

  7. My mom is a pediatrician, she told me that no kid should be in front of a screen (literally any screen) until they’re at least 2 1/2 years, and while she’s working she sees a lot of babies with smartphones and tablets. The second girl is right, it’s bad for kids to always be in front of some sort of screen.

  8. You know what's even more scary, I didn't have tv, or a phone all most my whole life. I got a phone in my Junior year of high school and I got my first gaming counsel when I was 7 years old. But even now I have addiction problems. (mostly to youtube and dramas.) Imagine what this is doing to the next generation giving a kid who can barely talk an Ipad. Also I'm 19 right now just for reference. I played outside most of my life and was involved in sports and read a lot and even now I'm learning a language sometime in my free time. I'm so thankful I still had such positive and active childhood. One thing is that I easily get addicted to things so that could be the reasoning behind it. I'm really worried for the next generation…

  9. If you don't want go spend time with kids …maybe don't have one then …… I know about breaks and stuff …… it's like few hours a day or like fews days in a week …. it's not the other way

  10. we're turning screens into pacifiers and i gotta say as a semi-adult, it still kinda is for me; i can't turn off the thing in my brain that asks for more phone time even if i'm in a terrible spiral or severely sleep-deprived. you'd think i'd be able to because i'm in my twenties – i don't need a pacifier! but i can't. and if i was a small child, i'd kick and scream too if someone took that away from me at 8:30 because of 'bedtime' (and i started having technology of my own in 8th grade). so i agree, try not to introduce your child to ipad childhoods, because play and books and socialising and arts and crafts with their own two hands builds character and honestly, a better childhood. and it's not just about ipads, it's the whole attiude of parents giving/taking away attention-sucking pacifiers whenever they want their kid to shut up. kids are loud and bothersome and will ask for you, because they're kids and they need to play. but giving them ipads early is a short term solution with long term consequences.

  11. I didn't even have a phone till high-school
    Definitely don't regret that one, it definitely exposes you to a lot more you might not be ready for any younger

  12. Oh my god. I'm just thinking about how I wrote an informational/persuasive essay about how physical toys are better for kids when I was a fifth grader (2015-16). Back then though, it was battery-operated versus non-batteries in my mind. I think now might be a good time to write round 2 of that

  13. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate kids having access to I pads or screens.

    I hate when kids can’t let go of it, scream without it, with absolutely no repercussion. Not to mention when kids will be a public nuisance because you never taught them how to behave in public.

  14. “It’s sad that kids can’t go outside without people thinking they are up to no good”

    It’s not that they assume they are up to no good. It’s the fact that is no longer safe. A mother will be walking with her children in broad daylight and they have had attempted kidnappings. A woman recently got stabbed 50 times just while simply walking her dog, the dog also got killed. Teenagers are being abducted even when they are with 1-2 friends.
    Babies are being grabbed from shopping carts and strollers. The list goes on and on. Is it frustrating? Of course! I grew up walking miles alone. We have to accept that this isn’t the same world.

  15. I between these two generations, my daughter is gen Alpha. She has an ipad but prefers to play outside most days. Can't wait for Gen Z to actually have kids so they'll figure out everything they already thought they had.

  16. (Please think before having kids if you can’t give a child what they need get your sexual organs snipped or tied up)
    What’s even worse is that a lot of us in gen z who were minors on the internet have had more deep conversation about life with online pedophiles than with our own parents (which lead us to getting taken advantage of by said pedophiles) because our parents were “too tired, depressed, stressed, worried about money, and could barley sort through their own thoughts no less help another human being sort through theirs” then they wonder why their kid has no structure (when they could never provide structure) why their kid is more likely to be taken advantage of by pedophiles (because they have no adult to go to for emotional or even life guidance without being written off) why their kid has no desire to talk to them even though they could never hold a serious conversation for more than 10 minutes without being annoyed, too exhausted to deal with it, or got in a screaming fit. A lot of us ended up being blamed for being groomed by pedophiles and that’s what’s interesting the most to me as a parent they are meant to lead their child to keep the kid safe and they blame the kid for their own short comings?

  17. I can't even get through this video. Until you have kids, you REALLY will never know what it's like. If anyone watching this video agrees with what they are saying, ask me anything. Keep it respectful and I might take a while to reply because I have kids, but without technology I would not even be able to go to the bathroom. It does make parenting easier, you shouldn't use it all the time, but how do these girls know what's happening at these peoples homes? Parents know it's easier, parents with older kids know it's easier and wish they had technology like this when their kids were younger. Instead of complaining about it they should just find someone that they know and see giving their child technology, and ask them about it. I get it, I was this exact same way when I was 15. I assumed things and complained about things and didn't look into things, also I said I wouldn't give screen time to my kids. Being a parent is nothing like you imagine, if you don't have kids you don't know what it's like. Ask me about it.

  18. I've seen parents say "we don't give them stuff to do at a Restaurant" uhm ok then find another solution to your kid running around.

  19. I saw this with my on brother's kid and my friends'. All the babies have speech delays btw, im not sure if it's related, but literally all of them, and I can't stand going out w them bc whenever we go to a restaurant and the parents try to feed the kid, they gotta have a phone/ipad in their hand or else they'll freak out.

    Being a parent is HARD. Love how we just forgot how our parents abused us in the past and think raising a kid is easy

  20. i agree and disagree with kids having ipads, i agree they should because if adults/teens can have phones then kids also should be able to have something, i dont get why they dont have something smaller but i also disagree with “ipad kids” because bringing your ipad everywhere, turning it on full blast, not talking to anyone and ruining the parents trying to be nice going out buy not talking to anyone and just barely eating and only playing on the ipad. if you just like play with it at home and not a whole lot ots fine but when you bring it everywhere and never talk to anyone thats not ok

  21. I think this is more prominent in gen alpha. I was a gen z baby but I didn’t have any technological devices until I was in 5th grade. My brother however owns an iPhone and 2 iPads. He’s 8 btw.

  22. This is why my 2 year doesn't have an iPad or anything like that he does watch an hour of sesame street or blue's clues everyday and then he goes outside and plays or I read to him he is way more emotional stable than his cousin of the same age that cries when you take the phone away my son doesn't care if I turn the TV on or off he is able to play like a kid

  23. As a millenial who is a FTM to twin girls, I agree to a lot of points. When I had my girls, I vowed to myself to make sure that they had no screen time. But as they got older and having to go back to work full time, I knew that screen time had to happen for us to function in our household. We try to make sure that all of of what they do consume are programs that are beneficial for them and nothing random. I know for us, we wont allow them to have screens of there own until they are way older, but this works for us for now.

  24. I recently got an iPad because I start nursing school in march. It is a fantastic study help. There are many ways to use an ipad and i’d argue with technology the same thing is true-there are wonderful things for children that ipads can enable, it’s just when ipads are being used to avoid interacting or paying attention to your childrens’ emotional needs that it becomes an issue.

  25. as a former kindle kid, I can agree. I was given a kindle (an ipad but its the cheaper amazon version) at the age of 5. i had unlimited access and free rain to the internet. luckily i was generally careful and didnt use the internet much until i was like 7. however i did play non stop mobile apps. i also watched youtube and has free rain on that too. I really think that i would have een better off without getting a device until the age of like 9.

  26. I’m very passionate about this topic as well, I wish they taught the lessons we learn in psychology about children to everyone. It’s crazy how much just throwing a device at your child to entertain them can affect their development in their early stages of life.

    My brother is around 10 years old and has a lot of symptoms that come from being raised with heavy entertainment as a child. He has a lot of anxiety and rage when he doesn’t get his way and especially when it comes to electronic devices. I have gotten in many arguments and fights with my parents about it and try to warn them about it but they never listened and now they complain about his behavior. Me and my brother have a big age gap so I was reborn in the 90s and had a lot of play time with my toys and other things. My parents at that time were very harsh on me and strict to the point where it affected my mental health so it’s crazy to see how much they changed when my brother was born. They don’t ever try to correct his behavior and don’t force him to get off the iPad, phone, switch, etc. and allow him to throw tantrums and behave rudely. I can see he has issues that need help but my parents won’t change and actually give him the attention he needs, and the last time I tried to step in my mom pulled me outside at midnight and closed the door on me. I’m worried about him because I think he has adhd or at least that he has very noticeable issues with concentration, social behavior, dealing with him emotions, etc. I know he can come off as just some “dramatic” kid so people want to just brush it off but I really wish my parents would get him professional help so he can deal with things better.

  27. I work in a primary (elementary) school. A lot of the children’s attention span now is very bad.

  28. Exactly. I’m currently in 8th grade and I agree with everything here. Also, parents, kids can get bored on their iPads to. Don’t think they can’t.
    I didn’t have a phone until I was in fifth and I had no social media. And now I see a second grader with instagram- and I’m like “what?” It’s generally thought that you shouldn’t give your kids social media until their fourteen or fifteen, and I agree. The crap I’ve seen just off one platform-
    If I ever have kids, that won’t happen

  29. My mom did this for me and my brother, I take his phone away when we are out and my mom yells at me. He’s on the spectrum and he’s already not sure how to communicate with people and he has told me he is addicted to it and he doesn’t know how to not be on it.

  30. Even for me at 20, a mostly developed brain, the impact of hours of screen time is so apparent.
    The way such extensive screen time impacts developing brains is tragic. All of their processing skills, social skills, imagination, the speed at which they think, it’s all being damaged. I’ve seen teachers of the new generation discussing how it’s taking these young students so much longer to learn how to read. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s affecting the speed at which they’re developing speech too.
    It’s sad.

  31. PLEASE
    Those kids do not know how to be bored, and they're bored so easily
    I had my cousins over on Saturday and I put them a Ghibli film for entertainment (mind you, they're 6 and 7)
    The 6 yo was the whole time in his iPad and the 7 yo was complaining that he was bored because he didn't bring his iPad
    The worst part, they asked me to put Venom instead (i didn't)
    They now need instant gratification and quick action to keep an interest, very concerning

  32. I’m really thankful that as a early GenZ my mom threw books and crafts at me as a child. I bought myself an iPod touch when I was 12? And I regret that I spend so much time on technology nowadays. I need to stop treating myself like an “iPad kid” and buy myself some crafts and make time to do other things like journaling.

  33. This is what I don’t get about device-dependent parenting—tablet, smartphone, TV, whatever. Kids are little PEOPLE. They’re interesting. And if you choose to MAKE one, you should talk to it. My kid is 3, so we don’t go many places right now, but I won’t let her have devices in public, because it’s just cooler to talk to her about what’s going on, and answer her questions, and just hang out with her. Young parents, new parents, please: decide to like your children, no matter what tiny-heathen thing they’re doing. You have all of their teenage years for them to ignore you for a screen.

  34. As a parent I agree. Nothing bothers me more. My kids aren't allowed to have the phone in the car or while we are out. Books books books!

  35. Yea, how about us book readers? How is that all that different than using technology? When I read, I'm not paying attention to anyone around me, I read while walking, I read for hours at a time while hunched over the book, etc, but you don't see anyone complaining about that. This is just people's sad attempt at feeling superior.

  36. We had a power outage last night and my phone died, it was the first time in a long time that I was bored. It led me to actually start thinking and actually exercising my imagination, leading me to having some creative ideas. This also makes me think of my friend’s youngest child who is always watching her tablet and I learned she is 5 years old and still cannot even recite the whole ABCs. Her parents arent exactly always busy, they work hard but they have time to go fishing and shopping and just hanging out as a family, so I was baffled that my friends weren’t reading to her or encouraging her to read.

  37. Alright, my parents are millennials, I'm the oldest of 5 kids, myself and my two oldest siblings are gen z and my two youngest siblings are gen alpha. Let me just say, our upbringings have been vastly different, even between myself and the two oldest kids. I was born into a life with a poor college student dad and a minimum wage job mom, all I had in terms of games were stuff they had as kids and they took me places. I was 3 when my oldest brother was born, my mom quit work to be a stay at home mom and my dad is a software engineer who works at home. By the time my oldest brother was able to play games with me, my parents started getting portable games.
    My point is, I was able to develop my skills away from a screen because they were stationary, all my brothers have ever known is a world where screens are portable. I can safely say that I'm the most creative sibling and that's evident by the fact that I am the only one who has a box full of drawings from when I was little. The oldest has a few, the second asks for every art thing I have (I'm his favorite), so he has some stuff, but nowhere near the amount I have and the youngest two have absolutely nothing to show that they've been kids. They're 3 and 6, that's sad.
    It honestly scares me a little because I know that I'm not a very well-rounded individual, but I am significantly better at problem solving and creative solutions than any of my brothers combined. I'm not saying I could've raised them better, but I do think if we were raised in the same style, they would've been better off.

  38. Can’t wait until you have children First Lady, wait until you have to be with a child 24/7. Idiot. I cannot stand people who have never had children talking about kids of iPads. Maybe we should let them run around the store, they will complain, because children can sit still for hours at a time carefully.
    Btw second lady, your parents are divorced because they didn’t put you in front of an iPad. They got no rest, and they were stressed all the time it does wonders for a marriage.

  39. just thinking about other structural things to do about this besides assigning it to bad parenting (although this can be part of it for sure!) but also:
    – less shaming or judging of parents when their kid starts crying or is loud in public, so they don't feel so pressured to keep them quiet
    – having more play areas for kids in public spaces that's not just the hospital or library. what about in grocery stores or cafes, where parents also inevitably have to bring their kids where they don't necessarily enjoy being
    – (on parenting) if you have to give them an ipad, engage with them with what they're doing. ask questions, have them describe to you what game they're playing, be INTERESTED, so they're still developing RL socializing and communication skills and NOT associating ipad time with with "parent wants me out of the way" time and learning to leverage it as such.
    – in that vein, maybe we could have apps that encourage kids to reach out to their parents. multi-player games that have adult and kid avatars, or storybook apps that are designed for parents to read-along, i'm making these up but you get the idea

  40. I was grew up at first like the average kid chalk drawings outside playing with toys, my parents were both IT people so we had the first generation iPad when I was 8-9 or so I got an iPad for Christmas and I was glued however bare in mind at the time not a lot of the modern kids content existed so one of the first interesting skills I learned was English fluency and comprehension. YouTube all day my parents didn’t force it on me I craved it I never liked going outside my parents tried to have to days screen free but I would just sit and stare at the ceiling I didn’t scream didn’t play nothing really interested me I just sat and day dreamed I had books but I hate books I had toys but they were dull I didn’t like going outside so I didn’t, it became a game to sneak actual enjoyment out of those days by sneaking in YouTube videos learning about alcohol distilling and chemical safety and watching Minecraft and honestly I don’t regret it it didn’t effect me a lot at least not so far I saw snuff when I was 11 I didn’t have nightmares I wasn’t scared it was just the way of the world my parent didn’t have ‘The talk’ with me I already knew, but it was on my own terms everything else was to dull school wasn’t interesting the older I got the more it began to show I was ahead of the rest, school didn’t teach me much the internet did I always had friends, and was social.
    I wouldn’t be the me I am today if not for my thousands of hours of YouTube my useless trivia and skills
    If the internet now was like when I first began watching YouTube I’d let my kids free range but now it just sullied by kids content and exploitation my opinion is that kids shouldn’t watch ‘kids content’ I’d let my kid watch anything other than damn nursery rimes and alike

  41. I am a kid who was born in 2007 and was given my parents device at times like long ride trips and occasionally during breakfast to watch while I ate and during my free time if I wanted to have a electronic device I could watch educational shows. My parents would let me use my imagination to play or give me a book so I could read. I have a high respect towards them about how they let me use devices because now I speak 2 languages , know ASL, am in advanced classes and read at a much higher level than all my other classmates. And yes I know not all of this was due to the technology limit but I still see a big difference from my siblings who weren't treated like this.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.


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