Text To Speech Options In IOS – iPhone & iPad Screen Reader

In this video, we jump into the accessibility settings and take a look at the four options for screen reading in iOS. This includes the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We look at VoiceOver, Speak Screen, Speak, and Speak Touch. Full demonstration of all four options!

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  1. I love how you speak and convince people to subscribe you are worth a millions likes and veiws!

  2. This is stupid as F
    Once you activate it is nearly impossible to use your phone
    Guys do not switch on

  3. If you go around butchering yourself evvvveryday, why should I listen to anything you have to say ?!! 🤨

    I subbed because, a first for me, you pointed out why it is a ‘priceless’ support gesture … confirming what I always felt about it.

    Now on to learning from you on how to leash that stupid facility on iOS. It won’t let me direct it a on what to read when.
    I’m paused at 1:32, right now. I’ll go resume. Bye.

    Wish ya all the best. 💙🙂

    And you came through for me. I found out what u came looking for. It is the selection at will the paragraph you want spoken. I’d been constantly pulling my hair when Siri kept insisting on reading every single word on the page, top to bottom. Now, thanks to you, I can stay only partially bald. Sniff 😪 The rest of my hair has been saved.


  4. Others: I hope your okay dude
    Me: ya Sam- LAUGHING I'm sorry but yo finger be lookin’ like like a marshmallow

  5. Tysm bc I am sick I can’t talk it hurts my voice is gone if I try to talk it hurts so I have to type and I wanna talk to my lil sis she can’t read that much

  6. Hi. So I enabled the Speak Selection on my iPad and it still doesn’t read aloud my selected text when after I click on Speak. It works on my iPhone but not my iPad Air Any suggestions?

  7. They, thanks for the help. I had eye surgery a while back and sometimes it’s really hard to read small and or digital text. Your page is super helpful. I appreciate you!

    Thanks Again


  8. Hi! Have you tried the Kindle for iPad app recently? I’m wondering if Amazon disabled comparability with the two finger swipe. All I get now is the error message: No speakable content can be found on the screen. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  9. thank you for making this video, as its the only one that well describes how to use these features and enable them.

  10. Please I need help… I downloaded the @voice , TTS Reader app, it was reading aloud but just today it stopped pronouncing the words when reading …. It's reading aloud but letter by letter and not the full words…. Please how can I fix it I'm using Android

  11. Speak screen doesn’t seem to be working. I have it on, I swipe down with two fingers from the top but it doesn’t read anything out loud. Like there’s no sound. Any help?

  12. Speak screen doesn’t seem to be working. I have it on, I swipe down with two fingers from the top but it doesn’t read anything out loud. Like there’s no sound. Any help?

  13. Wonderful video. Thank you. I'd love it if you could explain how Windows 10 Narrator works in your clear-cut manner. I've tried to use but given up. Also, I'd like to echo the requests of others below for an Android tutorial.

  14. I have a question, is there a way to loop the text to speech? Like for example i used text to speech on this comment, is there a way to continously loop it?


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